1. Above the Earth, Below the Sky is an album I listen to again and again.

  2. +1. Though don't get pinned down in the "why not?" questions, which she seems like she'll follow up with?

  3. "Your immense amount of need for contact and affirmation even in the early stages is a massive red flag for me, as someone who needs a significant amount of his own space."

  4. Sit down with her and do the math. Fancy? Like 80/person. So that's 160 for both of you, factor in a drink and tip and you're at 200. Once a week? That's ten grand a year.

  5. No, the complaint isn't that, it's that you suddenly cease to improve your endurance by magic going from 22.999999 to 23.0kg

  6. Ok so that's a valid complaint. You're honestly the first person I've seen make that coherent argument on this sub though lol.

  7. It's not, which is why it pisses me off about how it works. If it was arcadey, that'd be fine. Yeah, run light setups and level endurance, or run heavy and become beefy. But it's not, so it shouldn't be.

  8. I don't think you understand what the armor hitbox is supposed to do. It's not adding pixels perfect complex hitboxes lol. It's making it so that multi protection armors that cover arms and torso and stomach only have realistic protection values.

  9. Listen to Nikita describe what it is. I don't care what you think it is, or what you want it to be.

  10. The specific change you're speaking about is a literal value change. Which can be done in a text editor. It's an armor class value change.

  11. It's explicitly made this way because of streamers whining and bitching about how the broken mod system made guns that were kinda close to on-point turn into lasers.

  12. Welcome to post- "no RMT! No building up a huge RUB pile so you can buy whatever whenever! HOW DARE YOU PLAY LIKE YOU WANT TO PLAY!" Tarkov.

  13. The only people who could have that many are hackers. List it for things you need like cases or other keys. Moonshine is another option since people generate a lot of them passively.

  14. And? It's not like BSG actually gives a shit about hacker shenanigans on the flea market.

  15. Endgame is whenever you get sick of putting five shots into an unarmored scav head and he shrugs it off, just to turn around and 1tap you with 7mm buckshot from 80m.

  16. Peeker's advantage and $20/month gamer chairs to know that you're there even the times you didn't make any noise.

  17. yeah I've mostly bowed out at this point in the wipe but almost all of my dailies were "Find 300k RUB of crap and give it to me for 50k, a box of cereal, and 3500xp"

  18. Because the primary use for them is to buy 999999 of them and sell them to mechanic or whatever trader needs leveling up

  19. So you want ETF to copy cod after they copied their game mode woah, why not play cod then

  20. because tarkov is an amazing game idea plagued with janky server bullshit and a cheater issue that I haven't seen this bad since I played CS

  21. This is exactly it. The American right-wing media successfully spun “Antifa” from a portmanteau to an entirely different word that means ‘left-wing people trying to destroy the country”, without ever mentioning where the term even came about.

  22. I mean when the people wrecking towns all fly banners of State-Approved Love and Tolerance you lose any faith in them.

  23. Not sure what the specific chemical process is, but I know that acid does all kinds of crazy things to the colour of foods. I once made a garlic & ginger puree with a bit of salt and lemon juice added - within minutes it had turned bright turquoise!

  24. The bright turquoise in that is from sulfur-containing amino acids in the garlic.

  25. Nah bro check it out. Lye is a pain in the ass to deal with and more difficult to find. Take a sheet tray and put like a quarter cup of baking soda on it. Bake it at about 300 for 20 minutes and let it cool. Find a pretzel recipe and make/ shape your dough. Get a medium sized pot to a full boil and add your "baked baking-soda". Gently dip your shaped pretzels into the water for about a minute. Lay on a drip tray over a sheet pan and cook at 350 for like 8-10 minutes. Golden brown, fully cooked, just like Wetzel or aunti anns.

  26. you can literally buy canisters of sodium hydroxide at home depot. the MSDS will tell you what's in it, it's usually pure

  27. It's probably the nearest routing point to the game servers there, rather than from your house to your machine.

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