1. Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me!

  2. When I first adopted my cat (as an older lady) she would yell at me. I was so confused when I saw her food bowl was full. It wasn’t until I sat down and she leapt into my lap and started purring that I realized she was telling me to sit the hell down so she could get her lap time.

  3. I have one of these. Screams his little head off until I sit for lap space.

  4. Yessssss thank you! Feets cleaning is one of my favorite cat things.

  5. It might have been common but I'd like to argue that nothing about this is "normal."

  6. I have two, indoor only, and I mostly gave up on collars because I caught them taking each other's off. 😅

  7. Wouldn't be able to handle that lousy Smarch weather

  8. Do Americans use the word “willie” or “willy” as slang for penis? I thought it was just a British thing?

  9. I was quoting from the Simpsons episode with the Smarch weather...

  10. Yes, they are an elite greebles detection force!

  11. Surely this person finds people "always spell it wrong"... why not just start spelling it in the first place?

  12. My full first name is Catherine. I always say "Catherine with a C" if someone needs the spelling. I don't wait for them to ask anymore because 99% of the time, this shit happens.

  13. My thoughts are similar. Kids say stuff this intense when they're being abused. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but...fuck.

  14. Yeah, when I was 8 I begged my dad to divorce my mother and let me live with him.

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