1. fuck you i almost clicked on that link without looking where it leads

  2. Nothing difficult to understand, nor is there anything complex. It’s just a lot of info you have to remember and differentiate from each other

  3. No fucking way am i spending 6,300 in bike. You can probably find one used for 1/3 of the price. Or get Gsxr 600 for 3k

  4. Mentions trans people once yup, this sub has gone to shit 😔

  5. Twitter meme, not the fact that trans, but this isn’t supposed to be a Twitter caption meme sub. It’s turning into one and it’s sad cus Twitter memes are horrible

  6. Science is a religion on Reddit and other mainstream leftist circles. I had an argument with a friend that most people don't understand science and they it is effectively a religion. He replied with the usual "that can't be, science has facts and a process".

  7. It’s not science itself, it’s the superficial relationship with it that develops when you treat science as if it were a religion. one of the major proponents of science is to question everything from findings of other scientists to questions themselves. Once you remove the ability to question science, it is no longer science and becomes religion

  8. Cheap fun car when it came out which equates to most of them blowing up and wrapping around trees thus why you don’t see them anymore

  9. She's surprising him with bills when he comes back

  10. What went through that man’s head??? Like what are women supposed to do, remove they’re ass when they’re in the military :|

  11. They have this. It’s called a GoGirl urination device. SheWee is another one.

  12. Every year super cars get wider and flatter, I know it’s better for performance but I like to imagine that someday we’ll get a pancake on some 20’ wheels

  13. Absolute legend Mike Caracciolo, AKA The Big Man or The Kid From Brooklyn

  14. Pullin up in a Ford Focus Pullin up in a Ford Focus Pullin up in a Ford Focus skrrt skrrrt skrt skrt skrrrrrrt

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