1. It's not an island, Teyvat is the continent itself. I assume you're referring to Inazuma, another nation in Teyvat, and you'll be able to get there when you reach AR30 and finish the Traveler Archon Quest - We Will Be Reunited. It will prompt another quest which is a prologue for Inazuma.

  2. The islands in the bottom right are inazuma, they are locked behind the story that unlocks at AR34, Teyvat is the continent the 7 nations are in btw

  3. Thanks, and i wasn't sure if teyvat was the island or not ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Also, I see you asked about spending $60 in this game. If you want my opinion: don't. At least not in the form of the $60 pack. You can buy so many excellent games with $60 the things you get in Genshin from the packs is not even comparable, it is abismal.

  5. Alr thanks, and your right. I have an xbox and there is a lot else i can purchase.

  6. It is a third party application, not built-in with Genshin.

  7. Worth what? You only posted a title and didn't give any info. No one came answer that for you. We don't know what you like, what your budget is etc.

  8. Bro its obvious what i meant is it worth buying idk what's so hard and dont say no one can answer me when i have like 10 comments

  9. You know you can have all character for free, just playing right?

  10. I would do that but the problem is i use them in the material shop..

  11. It depends on whether you like the game or not, i for one think itโ€™s completely worth, I have nearly 300 hours in and not stopping

  12. Well i do like the game a lot even though i just got back into it like a week ago but i gave been playing it like non stop so..

  13. Your right im just the type of person who if i spend money on something its gonna be all my money ๐Ÿ˜…

  14. She tired of us losing every round ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  15. The lighthouse or people disappear here ๐Ÿ˜

  16. Woah , i never thought i'd find someone in my same situation. If this game causes you to get angry , either take a break or just keep in mind that winning or losing doesn't matter , you either win or get better.

  17. Thanks for the advice, its hard to control my anger but im sure i can do it.

  18. Awwh it's oke :o believe it or not I was too and still am sometimes.. But the more you try to interact with people, the more you'll see that they're not so bad :) especially if you randomly say a joke in chat and then see who responds and then you can talk to them more and que together!

  19. Awh thanks. I will definitely try and interact with people more often.

  20. Tbh i like it, i used to hack for score and my high score is like 9000000 million but trust me i don't anymore and its great to hack for cosmetics cuz if you want a character really bad and you don't wanna miss it, hacking has your back. Long story short; yes.

  21. You are so talented, you really should get paid for this

  22. Idk about the PS3 but I loved this game and you should too. Now what's the best part is that they offer American McGee's alice (the first game) for free, but I really don't know if they give that out on PS3 or not because I have an xbox . Overall I would strongly recommend this game.

  23. Thanks. I got it on Game Pass. I played yesterday and I think my game is bugged. I keep getting stuck on pepper grinder without being able to change it back to knife until I restart the chapter.

  24. Yea idk about that glitch, pretty much my whole game has had no bugs at all.

  25. Orange juice, crybaby, and and alphabet boy.

  26. Tbh life is strange 2 is my most hated game of the life is strange collection. And I always play BtS before lis1 actually, but I feel the need to play lis2 before TC bc I feel that somehow they are strongly connected even though there not. Or maybe it's because I treat life is strange collection like an actual show or movie. Really it depends but just know that it's perfectly fine to play BtS before lis2.

  27. I didn't wanna play re chain of memories or 358/2 days bc they were boring asf

  28. Oops I meant instead of ghost it's called haunted!

  29. I only picked sore bc he's basically the only person you play as. You only play aqua in one or two of the games.

  30. This song is like a rlly soft song... I listen to it when I'm get depressed

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