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  1. Lived in an HOA, I got fined numerous times for things I didn’t even do. Finally I wrote the board a nice letter challenging each claim (including occasions for incidents I was fined for when I was out of town on business) and warned them that if they continue it will be the last time they hear from me personally as I will have legal representation due to undue stress that they are creating for me. Never heard from them again.

  2. I really think this was a miss on your part. You could’ve given them your 2 cents each month if you just shorted them one more penny

  3. I haven’t seen anything on how you water the box. Is it by hand? This would probably benefit from a long slow soak. You can achieve this through a drip irrigation system or just a simple soaker hose. Water on a consistent schedule because in this heat your soil will do the same thing the surrounding hill country soil does…dry out and become hydrophobic. Same concept here when you water the soil it won’t absorb as much and will run off- smaller scale so your flash floods won’t be as dramatic.

  4. My understanding: True Cantaloupe isn’t typically grown in NA. European Cantaloupe will have a warty rind and similarly orange flesh. We sell muskmelon in the store, which is sold as Cantaloupe because of the recognizable naming convention. It shares the netted rind that yours has here. I’d guess this is a musk melon.

  5. Update: it’s raccoons and word got out last night. They came with a vengeance

  6. I leave out a daily apple. They fill up on that and stay out of the garden

  7. Found out it’s raccoons last night. They destroyed 4 plants worth

  8. That can’t be matcha, it should be super leafy green. What brand is that?

  9. Definitely second harvest matcha. They’ll use the more mature leaves. Even so, good quality growers that sell latte grade the powder it is just a lighter green and not almost yellow that we see here. Not sure that is what impacted OPs flavor though with the coffee bean juice, it’s just two things I wouldn’t see blending well together.

  10. Either second harvest or it wasnt kept in the fridge. A friend and i had bought the same brand of matcha on the same day. some time had passed and she tells me that her matcha didnt taste great. I ask to see it, and she gets it from her cabinet and its this same yellow-green almost brown. I keep mine in the fridge and it stayed green.

  11. Agreeed. Glass jar + freezer is what I do to help all my tea keep longer.

  12. Heading to New Orleans for the final four. Was hoping to throw a round or two. But the internet says Parc de families is closed on the weekend. Is this accurate? And are there any other course recommendations?

  13. Can also confirm, recently visited and played. I thought it was a great course. 3 difficulty levels per hole, given 2-3 tee pads typically. Beautiful trees.

  14. Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!

  15. By the time they can roll over on their own, the risk has passed.

  16. Still case by case. Some babies can use the weight of their head to roll without much control from back to front and then just struggle on their stomach to flip the other direction, especially in an area of confinement like a crib. Risk goes down when the baby is aware enough to wake during apnea episodes or rebreathing caused by posture. Risk also goes down the more control they have off their bodies.

  17. Not mine, but I think I’ve seen this dog running around around Roy G before. Is it possible the owner is a local so to speak? There are plenty of people living in the park

  18. What did you use as the wood for smoking and the rub after it was brined?

  19. I have one brining as we speak, and from Northstar so this post gives me confidence it can be done....but I'm in central Texas smoking briskets with salt+pepper on post oak. I want to make sure I'm doing right by the pastrami.

  20. This video explains how I built a 20'x3'x22" raised bed over clay soil in my central Texas backyard.

  21. Looks great! I’d consider some pine straw to help with moisture retention. Shade can also be your friend in the summer months. Lemon Balm is a great companion plant that grows really well, but isn’t as crazy as mint, also great for a nighttime tea. You’ll need to prepare for cabbage loopers, aphids, and harlequin bugs. I got tired of them and put in agrifabric covers on my beds, that’s an idea if you are up for it. Also, during the summer you can set up a timer and soaker hoses as a cheap slow drip watering method.

  22. Yeah I have to go through there Wednesday

  23. I believe it’s “The Beast”. The article in this case is very important.

  24. Pure Storage. Short percentage is up in the last two weeks and approaching the earnings call EOM

  25. there is a reason why.... pstg is a dog

  26. This is happening everywhere. Businesses have seized on "supply chain issues" as an opportunity to transform their wares into

  27. I thought that this might be part of the full answer. Consolidation of distribution as well. Why would the large brands need local shops if everyone is buying online over going to a store during lockdowns...I'll go ahead and lose myself on the youtube channel as well, video was great.

  28. Here’s the deal from a Dedicated Disc Golf store: shit is hard to get. Innova and Discraft limit what you get each month. At least Innova let you choose Discraft just sends you a mystery box. Also, at least for the holidays, Innova is upping the limits for retailers. Dynamic Discs gets the most regular shipments, but even then you are racing the other shops to get it before they run out (unless it’s a putter or base plastic). Discmania only has the Active line available until the P2 and MD3. And they burned a lot of folks with the Royal Rage that many shops still have too many of. MVP has a lead time of 4-6 weeks on fulfillment and that is near impossible for a store to plan out in advance and then with the large dump of discs, everyone has them and you find you over ordered. Kastaplast is not accepting new accounts, so if they didn’t carry them before, they aren’t going to be able to now. You can buy through other third parties, but now your margin goes way down. Local players buy online to save a couple of bucks (not knocking it, but it’s how it is) and that can hurt a shop.

  29. Thank you for the context. Someone asked earlier, why make the post and this is exactly it. Demand has skyrocketed over the course of a few years, but in a perfect world would those shipments eventually refill shelves or is the way they ship discs to stores a core part of the problem?

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