1. It’s certainly pleasing and Homesick is top tier for me.

  2. Beautiful animation mixed in with the heartfelt storytelling.

  3. So I believe and I may be getting slight details of this wrong, so I'll try find the episode with Kai's explanation too.

  4. It would be fascinating hearing her perspective too.

  5. I don't think it would be that interesting tbh. Sara obviously heard the joke as taking the piss out of sex workers where as Kai was taking the piss out of Elliot and wasn't trying to suggest someone actually speaks like that. I think it was more of a misunderstanding than anything else

  6. That’s what I’m thinking too, I more wonder if she’d acknowledge that it was a misunderstanding.

  7. The shining light is that Tyler is then accepted into their friend group when he's his true self at the concert! Which is such a brilliant revelation to make at a young age.

  8. With how much engineering goes into the human/guest experience of Disney, this wouldn't surprise me at all, interesting to think about; I'm always going to be conscious of this going forward.

  9. I don’t see how it would benefit them to do this. Time wasted on transportation is time you’re not spending money and time serving you at a table is time that could be spent serving another family. I think this is just a result of understaffing and under servicing rides and transportation.

  10. That’s true, it’s all about crowd management, stand by times etc.

  11. A yoga asana(movement) practice could help out with this, a lot of the asanas stretch and strengthen the lower body’s musculature.

  12. I meant that Sirius is a star in the Canis Majoris (big dog) constellation

  13. Wow, that’s another fantastic piece of trivia!

  14. Victoria’s or Aina in the town centre are two lovely choices in the city.

  15. Damn really? Is it standard for them to throw shit out at the crowd? I had no idea what the guy in the gold gimp suit was throwing out from upstairs.

  16. The person was in a silver suit in Glasgow. 😂

  17. Lex Fridman and the Being Well (Dr Rick Hanson) are a couple I listen to outside of my majority Comedy podcasts.

  18. ADTR has been hitting extra hard, lately. this song will never get old. the whole album too tbh

  19. It hits differently each time you listen as you journey through life. 🥰

  20. Heartless, Violence, You Had Me At Hello

  21. Also heading to Glasgow and hoping for the same. 🤘

  22. Everything We Need, Downfall and Better Off This Way.

  23. Oceans Ate Alaska and Our Hollow, Our Home or so I was told anyway 🤷🏻

  24. Ahh my brother and his mates were up here on the weekend. This one and stob coire nan lochan. Incredible looking pictures, and a lot of sunburn haha.

  25. Fantastic, I was also up that top too, here’s the

  26. It had been on my to-do for a long time, I'd highly recommend if you're a confident hiker who's comfortable with exposed sections, has to be up there with one of my favourite Munro hikes.

  27. Well done, excellent video dude, keep them coming. 👏

  28. Thanks! Perfection through practice. But I'm far from perfect, should admit.

  29. The pursuit of perfection is a fruitless path; keep up your practice. 💪

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