Finding a scamming Card Shimmer at gas station

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  1. The con about keyless might be a pro to some. I have the premium with keyless and i hate it. I miss having a key. Also the glove box has a lock that can only be turned with the key but they didn’t give me one, how does that make any sense lmfao

  2. I miss the car unlocking automatically when I pull the door handle. Especially after the gym when I have all my shit in my gym bag it’s a headache digging through that to find my keys at times

  3. Yeahhh…. time to change some things i almost just lost my life to this shit

  4. Forget about your life. Think of the innocent person or people you could have killed because of your lack of judgement.

  5. Cant believe you survived this shit. You clearly answered the question to your last post on reddit 'What does it feel like to mix opioids and alcohol?"

  6. Yeah wait it out a bit to really build up heat and flavor

  7. Dr Wyches or is that a yellow brandywine? I love me some gold tomatoes.

  8. That's why you always have a couple idiots like Corey and Trevor who can take the fall because they fucked up big time.

  9. lmfao. corey and trevor always fuck up because they're fuckin idiots!

  10. its digusting. most sauces with pepper extract taste like poopoo

  11. i bet the wrx is gonna feel like a piece of junk after driving that

  12. Maybe not. I drove my Evo X juxtaposed to a Ferrari F430 and my Evo did not feel like junk, though the interior looked worse after getting out of the Ferrari.

  13. La Canada to palos verdes 5x a week for 5+ years

  14. i would get a nail grinder. get the puppy used to it while he is young. personally i use some knock off dremel type from amazon. it was like 25 bucks delivered and has good reviews. works just fine so far but i didn't introduce it to my dog early enough so its a two man operation where i have to hold the dog tight while my sister does the nails. if we switch roles he wiggles his way out of her grip while biting my hands.

  15. I bought some of that personally. The fish fertilizer I started with. Should I stop with the fish fertilizer entirely or just cut back and add the morbloom?

  16. i just cut back and added morbloom. dont completely stop the fish fertilizer just reduce a bit i think. first dose of morbloom i used half the recommended strength

  17. It's Forged Carbon paint protection film from STek. I installed it the first day I got it lol had some extra film

  18. Can you take a shot from further away so we can see the complete front end?

  19. i think a new post? or link the image but either way its all good just was curious never seen anything like that

  20. I can’t tell if you are tiny or the dog is huge

  21. It’s the angle. The dog is small and the niece is small too. Here is the video from that photo shoot

  22. Ah that makes sense haha I legit thought it was a 50lb Boston

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