1. From what I've heard from George RR, and no I haven't read the books, just ordered them last week after my watch, but he wanted to lay the breadcrumbs early that she was always all dragon and that outcome was inevitable, in the books he started with working on kal Drogo to conquer westeros. With no new source material and only an outline, the show had to accelerate that to bring all stories to an end. They did a good job considering they pulled it off from nothing. On my rewatch I saw every breadcrumb that she was straight up evil and if those that I saw in seasons 1-5 are also in the books than book readers should do a re-read because it's pretty obvious early.

  2. GRRM has repeatedly called Dany a savior and has said multiple times what a good heart she has and how she genuinely cares about and loves her people. He’s built her up in the books to be the prince/princess that was promised. The “breadcrumbs” you are talking about never even occurred in the books. You’re going to be very surprised and disappointed when you read the books and see Dany for what she is - a kind, capable and compassionate person who is nothing like her show counterpart.

  3. It was teased for so many years before that. It wasn’t all that shocking or rushed imo. She’s always shown signs of madness

  4. “Signs” is not the same thing as character development. Was there foreshadowing to show that Daenerys would burn down kings landing and become the mad queen? Yes. Was there proper character development and build up to get her to that point? No.

  5. Anyone other than Ramsay writing the Pink Letter. Not only does it add nothing to the narrative arc, it would completely ruin Jon’s arc and decision to go south. The letter is a culmination of all of Jon’s decisions to interfere in Northern politics (helping Stannis, marrying Alys to the Magnar of Thenn, sending Mance to Winterfell) and serves as a consequence for those decisions. To have anyone other than Ramsay writing the letter would ruin the Pink Letter’s narrative role of a consequence to Jon’s actions and would undermine Jon’s final decision to ride south which leads to his death.

  6. ????she literally has dragons, is she not a warrior woman because she doesn't have a weapon? Her dragons are her weapons. And it's never stated anywhere that his type is only warrior women who carry weapons, it's just pretty, strong women who can kick his ass. Dany is literally everything Jon is into about Val on steroids ("lovely but lethal").

  7. Who is the real Dany? (Show vs. Books)

  8. Dany has the wineseller's three daughters tortured in front of him, after she thinks the wineseller might not know anything about it.

  9. The winesellers were prime suspects in the crime, she didn’t just pick them off the street. She eventually puts a stop to it. And Jon tortured Cregan Karstark just for the crime of disagreeing with him.

  10. It’s not, D&D have said that they were the ones who came up with the idea.

  11. I think Jon killing Dany also happens, I that was one the final holy shit moment the dipshits were told about.

  12. Jon killing Dany is definitely not from George - D&D said that they were the ones who came up with the idea.

  13. It's been a while since I've read the books but based on those memories and how she was in the show, yes I fully accept that she's a psychopath.

  14. You can say she has some psychopathic tendencies but to say she’s a psychopath? That’s ridiculous. She was a normal child who was full of life and love, before tragedy forced her to go down a dark path. Psychopaths are born psychopaths, which is clearly not the case for Arya. She has empathy, knows the difference between right and wrong, loves and misses her family, is able to form genuine human connections, and wants to go home. Her prayer is a coping mechanism against what she’s experienced. A psychopath is Joffrey, Ramsay, and the Mountain. Not Arya.

  15. They could ally with her in exchange for help dealing with the army of the dead

  16. Honestly I don't think Rick had it planned in the OG series. I just read it as Nico blaming Percy, this person he looked up to as a hero and who he made promise to look after his sister, for Bianca's death and being very bitter and angry about that. And it made sense for the story. But if someone read Nico as gay in the OG more power to you.

  17. He has said on his blog before that Nico having a crush on Percy was not planned and only something he came up with later on.

  18. Carice Van Houten as Athena. She is exactly who I picture when reading the books, especially her voice. She has such a powerful presence and a strong voice that would be perfect for Athena. "I do not approve of your friendship with your daughter" in her voice, would be so perfect!! She's also an actual possibility, because she's famous for her role in game of thrones but that's about it so she's not THAT famous. Could also see her as Hera too.

  19. Yeah he drops the ball sometimes but it’s mostly because he tries to keep a kid friendly rating at least it’s how I see it

  20. I don’t see how Percy being angry at Calypso would not be kid friendly. I mean, there’s been way darker things in Rick’s books. Percy enjoying torturing a goddess with poison? Nico being angry at Percy because of the death of his sister? Nico coming out as gay? Those things are way less kid friendly than Percy having a valid, in character reaction to Calypso making someone he cares about suffer. It’s just bad and lazy writing.

  21. You're not the only one. If Percy was in character at all in HOO, he would have been straight up furious at Calypso for cursing Annabeth. Annabeth didn't do anything wrong to Calypso. Percy would have understood if Calypso had cursed him for leaving her. But Annabeth? No. And it's not Percy's fault that the gods didn't uphold their promise to free her - Percy being made to feel guilty about it made no sense at all.

  22. Realistically it would be viserys because Rhaegar was trying to recreate the three heads of the dragon and already had his rhaenys and aegon so Jon would be his visenya or viserys because he’s a make. There is no rhyme or reason behind jon being named aemon or Jaehaerys other than his fans who want him to be named after one of the “good” Targaryen’s.

  23. I thought about the Viserys/Viseyna thing too but Rhaegar's younger brother was already named Viserys. So would Rhaegar really name his son the same name as his brother?

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  25. This is the kind of post that’s gonna be really funny exactly one book from now. The wine seller and his daughters would like a word with you. You know who doesn’t torture anyone and manages not to perform a single crucifixion? Jon.

  26. Jon locked up Cregan Karstark in an ice cell with the sole purpose of torturing him with the cold and considered doing the same to Janos Slynt.

  27. You completely missed the point of the post. It's about the double standards people use when perceiving Daenerys in comparison to other (often male) characters. There are many points in the story that people use to argue that Daenerys is mad or will become mad. But with the child hostages, for example, we see very clearly that other characters (like Jon) can be much more ruthless than Daenerys in comparable situations. Yet no one is arguing that Jon will go mad, or that he is evil, or something like that. Therefore, OP is pointing out the double standards within the fandom.

  28. I don’t blame the shows decline on a lack of books as well. I completely blame D&D for making what may seem like minor changes to the story in the earlier seasons but that ended up having major consequences later on, making GRRM less willing to work with the show. D&D starting setting themselves up for failure by already making major changes to GRRM’s work as far back as season one:

  29. idk why you’re getting downvoted, you’re absolutely correct. the North doesn’t owe Dany shit, her coming to help them benefits her just as much as them. she has a much better chance defeating the Others fighting alongside them rather then letting them all die and dealing with the problem later. people act like the North was asking Dany to come rescue them from an army like the Lannisters or something. if that was the case, then of course it’s more than reasonable for Dany to demand for them to bend the knee first. but this is an apocalyptic army of zombies that are coming for literally everyone, helping the North is necessary for Dany’s own survival. this doesn’t mean that Dany’s arc made sense and I’m not defending the writers at all. I think realistically the North should and would have been grateful for Dany’s help but the writers needed to have Dany to mad because people don’t like her.

  30. Contrary to popular opinion, Martin is not obsessed with killing characters. He is however, more willing to do so to end an arc. So more character death is in the cards. I expect he would give more detail to the lives and personalities of side characters and that the books would be longer as a result.

  31. Not even the last book, we would be out here waiting for House of Hades

  32. That's kind of the shit GRRM writes though. It's grim and brutal and really over the top (people celebrating the fucking crushing of babies). That's the sort of shit you get when GRRM writes. Daenerys was 13 when she married Drogo.

  33. Annabeth seeing Thalia get murdered by a cyclops and then the cyclops raping Annabeth is definitely something GRRM would write.

  34. It's the equivalent of Dudley being the one to kill Voldemort instead of Harry. Or if you want in an in-universe example, it's the equivalent of Jon being the one to kill Cersei.

  35. I find it mind-boggling people say that Jon's parentage had no impact on the story since we are clearly shown Dany is VERY upset that someone else is aware of it.

  36. His parentage did have no impact because the fact that he was the true heir didn’t matter in the end anyway, which begs the question why Dany even went crazy in the first place? The whole reason that Dany went insane was because Jon was the true heir and people would want him to be king over her. But apparently in the end that wasn’t even true. Hell, no one even MENTIONS Jon’s parentage (not even Sansa, whose the one who exposed his identity) once in that whole council meeting where they choose to make Bran king.

  37. I always thought the reason was that he thought Arya and Sansa deserved to know that Ned was always honorable and never was disloyal to their mother. What was considered Ned’s greatest dishonor was actually the most honorable thing he ever did and he wanted to them know. He also feels bad deceiving them. But of course, the show had to rush everything so we couldn’t even see Jon explain this even though it would have barely taken any time for him to explain this Dany, just so we as the audience can know why he did what he did.

  38. "I've always liked those" about the crystal apples or when Emily gets back from her date and just starts crying

  39. It's on the episode with Emily's shopping spree. Emily and richard are on thr rocks. She buys a dozen crystal apples then at the very end of the episode, she and Richard are talking. She asks if he likes the apples and without looking up he says "oh yes I've always loved those"

  40. Idk I get that you’re going for a whimsical take here but “edgy” just doesn’t fit most of these. There needs to be an actual disconnect between the person’s attitude and their circumstances for their behavior to qualify as “dramatic.”

  41. It’s not really a “take” it’s just something I found funny, not to be taken that seriously. He just gives off some edgy energy, compared to other characters in asoiaf who also have difficult circumstances. I think the fact that’s he’s 16 years old also adds to the whole “emo phase” type of feel

  42. Yeah, I just thought it was a bit of a reach.

  43. I didn’t mean to imply that Jon’s defining personality trait is “dramatic” or “edgy”. I was rereading the book and the lines amused me because I could totally see a modern day emo teenager saying them. My bad if it came off like I’m calling Jon a drama queen lol

  44. They dedicated more time and build up to Grey Worm and Missandei's relationship than they ever did for Jon and Dany's, which was supposed to be the main relationship of the show. Maybe if they spent time on Jon and Dany' s romance, people would have actually felt something when their relationship ends the way it did. But no, we need to focus on the romance between Grey Worm and Missandei, who aren't even major characters in the books.

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