1. I never understood the logic behind insulting a stranger in a passive-aggressive note. Most reader's will assume they've ruined some unhinged assholes day and laugh. The insult might as well be written on a bathroom stall.

  2. I do. Accidental landlord of a one bed apartment. The reasons are 1. The tenants are great. 2. I don’t NEED more rental income. I’m lucky, and I’m happy to give back in that way.

  3. I was very suicidal as a teen/young adult, and after a long time and multiple attempts I read something which really resonated with me and changed my thinking, which was that no matter what, even if I was miserable until my very last day, that my life is certainly going to end, regardless of what I do. On the other hand, things could get better, and if I end my life I will never experience that. So I’ve gotten to a point where even when i’m at my most depressed I don’t have serious suicidal ideation anymore, at most like I have thoughts like “man, I am so miserable I wish I was dead” but it’s abstract now, an expression of my grief, and not like a feeling like I literally am planning on doing something to end my grief or like there’s some urgency for me to take action cause it’s going to end in the end no matter what ¯_(ツ)_/

  4. This aswell. Knowing I’m going to die someday and the pain will end is very comforting and helps me hold on just one more day (and another and another).

  5. I actually just about did. Had a pretty solid od and was hospitalised, still not actually sure why it didn’t work.

  6. Same, in that I came as close to dying as it’s possible to come (I don’t want to say the method, but 20mins CPR, coma for a week) and I woke up knowing I don’t want to die. So in my darkest moments where I think I do, I know deep down it’s not true and that sustains me. I hope it always does.

  7. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was also mostly pointing out that I’m dumb

  8. That's not how the logic of the burden of proof works my friend. You have a crowd funded lightbulb array which you feel gives you control over blood flow in your brain. And then assume that blood flow in the brain works by: more blood = better brain. Obviously you don't understand overshoots, oxidative redox, neural aging, etc. I'm a psychiatrist with multiple headsets and years of experience, you have to give me some info if you're gonna advertize a scam with hefty claims behind it. They have literally zero studies, they just link to other people's studies and then say "buy our product is soooo well supported! Everybody loves it"

  9. Genuine question - what one would you recommend? Also any thoughts on home tdcs with the flow neuroscience kit?

  10. This sounds exactly like my mixed episodes (aka dysphoric hypomania)

  11. Aripiprazole. It has so many different uses as a single antipsychotic, augmentation in other illnesses, as a treatment for hyperprolactinanemia and possibly traduce dyskinesia, and useful in far more than just psychosis. Depression, OCD, bipolar…

  12. Can you send it to me when done?? Trending on social media right now is the use of anti-histamines for PMDD. ‘Tis fascinating

  13. Hi! Have a look for PMDD posts talking about anti histamines (specifically Allegra) it might be helpful. Not specific to psychosis though. I’m off to research methionine😆 I think histamine plays a role in my mood/psychotic symptoms too but I’m just not sure what

  14. Aha, estrogens and progesteron. Yes, I am wondering if that is out of balance for me. Over the last 3 years I tried many things, related to dopamine and serotonine, etc. Up to now I only find it in the context of histamine.

  15. Most likely but not 100%. It probably depends on what is causing your psychosis. I can only really tell you my experience as I am not an expert in the field but it might be helpful to hear anyway. I was on antipsychotics for quite a few years when I was getting clean from opiates and other drugs. I was first diagnosed with bipolar 2, then depression w/ psychosis then schizoaffective disorder. I definitely had a lot of feelings of depression/SI and was psychotic at times and medication helped for a while but eventually I started feeling more blunted than anything else. No emotions. Talked to my psych and after we lowered my dosage a few times and things were only getting better and not worse, we decided to go off the antipsychotic and eventually I even got off the anti-depressant. This took about a year, maybe a little longer for me to get off everything. But again, I was feeling great. Started feeling more emotions and feeling my emotions more strongly (but in a good way) and it was easier to determine what I was feeling. And no psychiatric symptoms came back. So, I don't believe I have a "psychotic disorder", I believe I had some issues with my brain chemistry from long term drug use. Neuroplasticity is an amazing thing and I think my brain healed from most of the damage I caused.

  16. If I could upvote this to infinity I would. So inspiring. Thank you

  17. I had to switch pharmacies recently and the new pharmacist called me asking if the meds were correct because he didn’t think someone could be on so many… if that’s not encouragement to stop what else is.

  18. That cocktail is very similar to mine! I forgot to mention the metformin and thyroxine (thanks lithium). Fingers crossed you can stay off the lithium. GAH this illness

  19. I’m on 9 different meds daily and have 4 as needed 🫣

  20. Get medical attention. Do not pass go, do not collect 200.

  21. You have that backwards. Lamictal blocks the absorption of folic acid. It’s recommended that you take extra folate when on the medication. I take prenatal and extra folic acid.

  22. There is also evidence that folic acid blocks the effect of lamictal. It’s confusing to say the least and my psychiatrist hadn’t heard of it. I was on lamictal and doing super well, destabilised, and in hindsight it correlated with my starting to take a supplement containing folic acid. The jury is out and I’m sure this goes without saying - DON’T MAKE ANY CHANGES WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR!

  23. In all my life, I've been more often in depression than not. I see my psychiatrist every week, I try and take a lot of pills. My family is close and I am not alone. I don't say that to get some help. I am just saying it's a feeling I have to accept.

  24. Acceptance is good I guess. I just, I can’t accept it for me.

  25. Maybe because... It isn't true. For you :)

  26. My kids. If I hadn’t have had them 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t be here typing this to be honest.

  27. Like what? Can you give examples? Mental illness diagnoses are so overlapping (and unscientific) that you can’t blame someone with bipolar from talking about symptoms that may not actually be due to their bipolar without knowing.

  28. Yep! Can’t remember why now, but something you said made me think I’d probably relate to your posts. Is that weird?? Sorry if it is 🥺

  29. Fentanyl post surgery had me trying to tear out my drainage tube in my stomach because I thought it was a snake. That was fun.

  30. Sorry this isn’t funny, but the wording did make me splurt out my coke 😅

  31. 100%. Sounds like she had good professionals involved, and a great partner

  32. Ah that’s great to hear. Don’t feel the need to answer but was it meds or just time that helped, do you think? Psychosis is terrifying for all concerned

  33. There was an article where after the birth mother got in contact with the daughter, their relationship was difficult. The birth mother is upset by the daughter’s ongoing affection for the kidnapper. It sounds like the birth mother got upset and snapped one day that she wished the daughter hadn’t been found.

  34. Wow that's sad to hear. You're a great person for sticking with them.

  35. Totally appreciate your sentiment, but I don’t think we should expect people to abandon their friends because they have mental illness any more than we would if they had heart disease or cancer.

  36. I see your angle but it's not the way I was looking at it. It's difficult to support someone when met with so many obstacles. Having had friends with mental issues, it always scared me that I might do more damage by saying the wrong thing or incorrect advice in the absence of proper services.

  37. Yeah fair enough. It’s a tough one. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I always valued people reaching out, even if they didn’t know what to say.

  38. Much love. Can relate to everything you wrote. It’s so hard. But you are doing this FOR them as well as you. And your son is a million times better off with you still around, even if that means you have to be in hospital for however long it takes. (And again in the future if needed). Advice for hospital is to find like minded people, I got my best support from fellow patients, as the nurses were so busy.

  39. Mildly interesting - the only time I got a double yolk was soon after I found out I was expecting twins 🤨

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