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  1. Grad student looking for a roommate to rent a 2br apartment with near south campus for the 2022-23 school year. Looking for other trans/nonbinary/LGBTQ+ people. Price range is 600-900. Dm me if you might be interested!

  2. Pretty much any bar in the elmwood village or allentown is very inclusive and has a good number of people from the LGBTQ community there. As someone already said Cathode and fugazi are your more typical "gay bars" if youre looking for that. If youre looking for more just a "normal" bar that lgbtq people frequent I go to Essex a lot and theres a good amount of regulars that are and the crowd is very accepting there.

  3. Hi friend. Lol also be you make conversations with people. Try and breathe you are safe.

  4. Just stay off the apps. Volunteer somewhere or join a gay activity group. An LGBT Center in your area will have a list.

  5. Maybe joining some gay activist spaces might help.

  6. Please fill out the questionnaire for gift card or email me in case of any other questions. Thanks!

  7. No interview. Jst an email regarding area of interest other than the one I specified in SOP

  8. Congrats btw.... Just curious... what was your 2nd gre score??

  9. My apologies for sounding crude, but your list appears too random to be taken seriously.

  10. Firstly addressing your point regarding variation is due to uncertainty during covid. I approached many professor (200+) everyone was quite concerned if they could sustain or accommodate a grad student considering pandemic. So this variation. Also it is based on Professor with similar research interests as mine

  11. Choose Canada instead of the USA. University of Toronto or University of British Columbia would be good choices. Both cities (Vancouver and Toronto) have large populations of people of colour and we don't have the huge problems with racism that are so common in the USA. Other universities in smaller cities would be ok too. In the USA around 50% are racist. Landlords won't rent to you and real estate agents won't show you houses if you're not white in some areas reserved for white people. LGBTQ discrimination is common and there's little protection under the law. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was born in Canada and not down there.

  12. I will make suitable changes as you have suggested. Thanks a lot

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