1. Logan isn’t a marvel movie as it was developed by Fox and not Marvel Studios

  2. It's a Marvel owned and created character.. 🧍🏽‍♂️

  3. I was trying to say are there people who rule over/own a dimension or realm in Dc. Similar to dormammu from doctor strange. Hopefully that makes sense

  4. Being gay is not the most important thing about those characters.

  5. I mean, if you haven't read The Sandman (it's still DC but thought I’d mention it)

  6. I know there’s a crossover between Django and Zorro, but it also had a graphic-novelization too?

  7. I personally don't really care much about any DCU movie whose character doesn't have a potential to be either in the justice league. I am a batman, Superman and justice league fan, those were the only superhero cookbooks and cartoons that I took interest in growing up(even till now), other than that I am not too crazy about other superheroes even marvel stuff. In terms of movie am more into dramas, mystery, horror/thrillers. Funny enough I use to like Spiderman as a kid too but now am not into the character anymore

  8. If you mean like writers who’ve written for a character, then:

  9. My favourite horror book, my second fav fantasy book, and in my top fave fav comics of all time!!

  10. What's your favorite fantasy book?

  11. I know he’s been on a lot of projects recently, but I think Oscar Isaac would be my pick for MM!

  12. It's pretty well known by now that he's a liar, cheat, and hypocrite. The real facepalm is all of the people still voting/supporting him despite this being proven, documented public knowledge.

  13. I thought Eggers would be a good pic for an Hellboy movie too

  14. CGC private signings don't take place in public. You send in your book, pay the fee, they have it signed and sent back.

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