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  1. I tell them that it is never ok to cold call me and if they ever want a chance to sign me they better text first. Then they text me with the worst grammar and do strange things like text hi, are you there? And weird things like hi,is your day ok at 5:30am....

  2. 0/10 recommend. This is a rant but it shows how nothing that happened to me would’ve happened if not for stupid hospital wide foley policies.

  3. Did you get a nurse fired? Because he couldn't comply with your demands of getting a female nurse to come with him to do your care? You understand that he was telling you the truth but you are ok with this? I understand your trama but that just seems petty as hell.

  4. Specialized teams especially for patient care activities and interventions that contribute directly to things HAIs make so much sense to me. Central/PICC/midline Team, indwelling urinary catheter/G-tube Team, TURN TEAM!

  5. When I think about the future of hospital care this is what I think will happen. One RN in charge of the care of 16-22 patients and techs and CNA's doing the actual hands on care. With the massive nurse shortage we have now and the future shortage that will make hospitals consider reopening in house nursing schools what else can they do? I imagine most all the hands on care will be done by specially trained techs, Foley techs, IV techs, Blood techs... With the RN overseeing the care, taking the orders down, all the legal stuff and making sure all the techs do as instructed. I see the future as doctors write the orders and RNs figure out how to get the order completed but don't actually do the care just assign the task and coordinate all the different teams.

  6. Where is it 3%?? It was about 8-10% this year, and it'll be a 14.6 (I think) cap next year.

  7. When the dude who said he was a mechanic drove off with my car... from my apartment in Gresham I called 911...14 minutes later I got a human on the line.

  8. Hey. How about you pay your workers a decent wage so they don’t have to rely on tips. Tipping is such a trash concept and I wish we could get rid of it being people’s biggest source of income. Ridiculous.

  9. so let me give you a different perspective, imagine you are a server in a busy restaurant that has no tips and pays you 20 dollars an hour, sounds about right, no ? but it doesnt matter if you bust ass and serve 100 people in a dinner shift or take your time and serve 40 people in a shift still make 20 dollars an hour right? are you starting to see the problem? without tips to incentivize quick service why would you push your self to make sure the people you serve get fast efficient service and the owner of the place is getting a fair amount of labor for the wage that they pay. i know that if i was making 25 dollars an hour to deal with the public i would want to deal with the least amount of people as possible and i know that there is no way that i would bust ass just to get more tables and customers. the restaurant business is a unique beast that cant really be compared to anything else, even comparing an American style and European style rest. are really totally different, i have been out to dinner in Europe and it is slow and expensive. the servers were never rude but didnt seam to care about my parties experience one way or another, and why would they?.

  10. Use your pto hours if you have any. Just call in and tell your recruiter you want to use your pto.

  11. I need to get an Oregon driver's license so I can register a car, the first available appointment...Nov 19th. You get 30 days to register a car but can't get a license for 5 weeks....lol that's why the rules are not enforced around here, nothing seems to work as designed.

  12. People expecting "generational wealth" will be living in disappointment. There is no way their club will let that happen.

  13. Thank you, I have been saying this from the beginning, the men with the money make the rules, if you think they are going to give it all to us because of a rule or law or technicality keep dreaming. We may get as MOASS but it will never cross 1000 a share, sorry if you think Kenny will pay up you are wrong. He will turn off the computer as and say it was a glitch, MOASS canceled just like that.

  14. Is it just me or would this traumatize the fuck out of you too? Just reading and seeing the video has me all triggered and disassociated. I know I wouldn’t have been in danger my I can’t get my nervous system to know that. I would have to move to a new place if this happened to me.

  15. Not sure the last time you looked for a new place but if your in anywhere close to the shape the rest of us are in...good luck finding a new place. Rent is absurd if you can even find a place...and if you do better have all the money ready to go cause it will be gone in an hour. It's insane how hard it is to get a decent apartment in this city.

  16. If you are not an above average carpenter please do not try and remove the fireplace, you are going to cause some very expensive problems and there will be cosmetic issues that far surpassed what you have going on right now. I would make it look nice with candles or wood or look for the original coal insert. That fireplace had a cast iron insert that was like two baskets one on top of the other they held coal. If you look around you may find it somewhere in the house maybe in the basement or attic. The hole at the bottom was for coal dust. Most people paint the insert with shinny black enamel. The chimney most likely has many years of toxic coal dust and residue built up taking out the fireplace is going to expose all types of toxic nasty stuff. If you want to do anything more than make it look nice you need to call a professional and not ask reddit, cause if you try and rove it or as one person said have a fun weekend project you will potentially expose any and everyone to some major carcinogens.

  17. Cut a gouge out of a small basket and fill it with toilet rolls.

  18. This is a great idea and it's not permanent, perfect for giving the OP time to make a plan on something more permanent.

  19. Built yourself a study group of 4-5 other students that will be dependable. Try to include a diverse group and try to meet up twice a week and definitely before any exams. Me and my crew would meet in the library once or twice a week and always before exams and it was very helpful. Good luck, stay strong and don't let anyone pee on your parade.

  20. To think anyone is winning from an economic collapse is probably the most regarded shit on Reddit.

  21. Absolutely, all these people celebrating the fall of America, it's so sad... Yeah we all want to get paid from AMC or gme but if it means the destruction of our great country, no thanks. Yes the stock market is rigged but I don't want to see every 401k in this country to be worthless. That's the worst possible outcome, you think if America falls you can just move...I doubt it, if America falls the rest of the world will fall into anarchy with it. A strong USA keeps the world in check without it the world will fall into a mad max dystopia where your money will be worthless, warlords will control everything and life will be hell.

  22. Holy ethnocentrism. I heard if one single politician stubs his toe then 1000 Ethiopian children die of starvation because butterfly effect, Murica is super mega important and the world revolves around it.

  23. I am looking for a room and have tried all the apps, it seems hopeless, I haven't been able to find anything. Housing in PDX is ridiculous.

  24. There is a computer store in Gresham, they build PCs eastwind computers, custom builds lots of variety and decent prices.

  25. You can still register the car without the title. If the seller is willing to work with you, have him give you another copy of the bill of sale. There may be a fee at the DMV to do a title search, but you will be able to get it registered in your name.

  26. I already contacted the guy I bought it from he said he would look for a copy of the original bill of sale we signed... I haven't heard back from him but I will text him Monday if I don't hear back, it shouldn't be a problem to make a new one I just want to make sure I do things correctly and legally esp if this ends up in small claims court.

  27. I think it is important to understand that there are no hard and fast rules that can be applied across the board. The travel nurse phenomenon although not new is still in a developmental mental stage. I have found that for a lot of hospitals and managers it's their first time dealing with travelers and agencies, in fact a lot of the agencies are new. My point is that maybe some HR departments have some policies but that would be about it, and the agencies are just in it for money so if you can convince them that you can make them Money they will be happy to place you wherever they can.

  28. If it's that important to you just smoke and live how you please and if a drug test comes up either use fake urine, or don't take it. Find another job, your an RN any job you take will be a raise. Shit move to Oregon, I didn't even get a drug test the last two jobs I took, that's right no preemployment drug test.

  29. Dude don't be so cheap, you expect to get someone to drop by and work for minimum wage and do a great job? That's ridiculous, you know who knows how to tape? A professional. There are no amateurs out there who know how to do part of a pro trade. You are going to end up wasting time and money trying to get yourself a deal. You are going to end up paying someone to do a job then realize it's not right just to do it yourself or hire it out again.

  30. Start practicing never leaving anything of value in your car. Car windows are broken constantly, anything of value left in view will be gone and Your window will need replacing. And by anything I mean two dollars in change, you wouldn't believe how many times I have heard of someone's window being smashed for a bit of change or something else with little to no value.

  31. Hmmm... 1 -2 years??? This information is most definitely incorrect, as far as ways to dry your walls faster, I think you will find that the cob will dry right in time for you to move along to the next step. You may want to build a small structure something the size of a dog house or similar, just to get some practice and get an idea of the materials you our are working with.

  32. I have never worked there but I have been to the er for a broken foot a while back. I think it's great, as a RN I can tell by the attitude of the nurses and the general vibe.thw neighborhood is one of Portlands best you should have the time of your life. I hope you can find a little apartment to rent in the alphabet district (that's the neighborhood it's in) it's full of old cool apartments and Yu out can walk every where you would want to go. And the temp is about to start dropping it's going to be sweater weather soon, you are coming at the perfect time.

  33. I desperately wanted to find a place around there, but we have an elderly dog and decided we’d need a house. So we’re staying in/around Alberta Arts District. Not sure if it’s technically a different neighborhood, but it’s right by Alberta. Thanks for the reassurance! Everyone is so nice in Portland so I’m hopeful it’ll be a good experience

  34. Def a different neighborhood, well I wouldn't say Everyone but glad things are going well, have a blast in Portland.

  35. I am super curious, are you from the country and do you listen to Fox new and believe that most city's are full of ANTIFA and dangerous minority's ? Not being a jerk just honestly wondering. I know plenty of people who think that. My family is fr Georgia and people back home truly believe that during the riots in Portland Oregon that the whole city was on fire and it was like WW III. If you listen to Fox news it's understandable. But what you will learn as you travel is that almost 99% of what you hear about on fox is just absolute nonsense. It is only meant to keep you in fear of your fellow man and keep us divided.

  36. The VERY Left city I've been working in the past 6 months has had roughly a murder a week, and dozens of violent crimes/assaults committed per month this year.

  37. That's hilarious, I live in Portland Oregon. I was raised to shoot guns from an early age. I have been a psychiatrist nurse for several years, I have been around real danger. But carrying a gun is more likely to get you hurt than to do anything else. But if that makes you feel better do what you gotta do I guess. You know it's so funny to me how people on line make judgements about others with absolutely no clue what they are talking about. It's really a sad thing that nurses who should be good at making assessments show that they are far from it.

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