1. This is it, however it's a local thing. Have to pick up in person, in Charlotte NC.

  2. Aluminum rails, and steppers are claimed. If anyone wants anything else from here, just holler. I'll probably wait until this weekend before I chuck the rest.

  3. I made one of those in welding class years ago, theyre fun to do. Made it a challenge by filling it halfway with water before sealing it up. Had to be real quick on the final seal weld, because the water steaming would blow it out.

  4. That is so cool! I wonder what the water would like like after a month of being in there 🤔

  5. It took me a number of tries to get it sealed. And my tig teacher insisted it couldn't be done, which only made me more determined, haha.

  6. Idk, lol. I wish I remembered where I left it, it's been in there like 7 yrs by now, assuming it never rusted through a weld and leaked 😅

  7. Most guys at the shop I work at call it a "tit" or a "nipple". I usually call them nubs. However I now really like the term "pip" that I've now seen others referencing.

  8. Hey, just replied to your other comment, then saw this one. They start at $400 for a base model, then vary based on customizations, etc.

  9. Nah I’m good on that too much for too long a wait lol no offense but I’d rather just get a cold steel and carve a cooler handle than the one they give me. Good luck though

  10. No problem, I understand. I wish I could get stuff done faster, but I can barely get in the shop once a week as it is, lol.

  11. 700 pounds?? Surely that can’t be right… that’d be monstrous

  12. Yep. Approx 700 lbs. That's what they weighed it out at when i bought it at the scrapyard. And yes, it's pretty huge.

  13. Good god, that’s the biggest swage I’ve ever heard of!

  14. It's bigger than needed for sure. I bought it years ago to be an anvil for a power hammer build I was planning. Never .ade the power hammer, so the giant steel chunk has been sitting there just rusting away for years. I finally decided I may as well put it to some use, and I needed a better thing to use to drift out tomahawk eyes.

  15. So I see a lot of your tomahawks, and I think most of them are reforged ballpeens. Where do you get them all??? Flea markets? Yard sales? I imagine they’re not all new.

  16. They are new. I find that it's worth paying a little extra, so that they're all the same steel alloy, as well as size/shape. Once I worked out a good heat treat, it's applicable every time. I don't have to retest everything with each tomahawk.

  17. This piece will be available on my FB page, this coming Sat (June 4th) at 12 am.

  18. Thank ya. This one will be available on the Eagle Eye Forge Facebook page, this Sat, beginning @ 12 am.

  19. This one will be a straight sale. Post goes live at 12 am Sat. First to claim it, gets it. I may do auctions on following Stone Ravens. Haven't decided yet.

  20. Some people just don't get the concept of 'too nice to use'. These are that. Way too pretty to allow them to get scuffed up. Last stop...the mantle to be displayed for bragging rights.

  21. If someone wants to order a "plain Jane" version, I'm happy to make one. But I doubt there's many people that want to pay handmade custom prices, for a plain Jane tomahawk, lol.

  22. In all seriousness, don't scale them back. They're perfect as is. I'm just hard on my tools. You should see my hawk. The eye is a lot less circular than it should be and the forge weld is blowing apart. I've owned it for near 20 years however one day I expect it to disintegrate in my hands.

  23. Well thank ya. As a heads up, I have an approx 2.5 yr wait list (no commitment, just puts you in line to place an order when I get that far along (I don't like to take custom orders to far out).

  24. Wow a 2.5 year wait list you've got a lot of work ahead of you. I'll think about it.

  25. I do, lol. My wife keeps telling me not to post pics of new tomahawks, because the list gets longer everytime 🤣

  26. Its never bad to have work especially if its something you love doing. Like the saying goes if you love your job its like you haven't worked a day.

  27. Very true, one day I'd like to make it my full-time, but not there yet. Part of the reason it's such a long wait too, is I work slowly. Between job, and family, it's tough to get enough shop time. That's why I don't take custom orders very far out.

  28. The bluing is a nice touch, these look great.

  29. Thanks. I've always loved the match between blued steel, and this dyed color of curly maple.

  30. Oh, I see now! Do you weld in a HC bit or stay with the hammer steel? And are those handles curly maple? If so, where do you get such nice curly maple staves?

  31. I use the original hammer steel for the blade. After much testing I've been able to get appropriate hardness with a water quench, and then tempering.

  32. Here's a little before/after shot and a small write up I did last year about my curly maple process that you may find interesting. Lmk if you have any questions.

  33. It was a custom request, but then the customer dropped off the face of the earth as best I can tell, lol. Fortunately, someone else on my wait-list liked it too.

  34. looks good. what sort of wedge is used for securing them?

  35. I use one of these for breading meat to be fried, like fish or pork. It makes going from flour to egg wash, to breading then the oil easy without getting bare spots or sticky hands. No need to adjust the hook to neatly cover both sides.

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