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  1. Hot Chicken Takeover, for sure. Fried chicken (covered in oil), white bread, mac and cheese, waffle fries, sweet tea. and banana pudding.

  2. Bonus: to completely fulfill your destiny, the HCT in Clintonville has a Jeni's close by.

  3. Is that one Totino's pizza cut into 4 pieces on a regular sized plate, or 4 Totino's pizzas on a large plate?!

  4. According to this map, It looks like the nearest low light polluted area is Southeast of Columbus around a town called Benton.

  5. I saw a screenshot of something he wrote Twitter and it said he was trying to start a war and kill the FBI. He was a construction electrician. It is nice to know we live amongst these scary people. I live a few streets over from a trumper with a giant black pickup with a huge trump flag in the middle of the truck bed. He has a garage but he makes it a point to park right in front of his house so you can see it. My dorky dog decided to poop right next to it the other night, I was worried he would think we were messing with his man machine so I hurried up and got out of there after I picked up the poo

  6. Ruth's Chris. Was Chris, but Ruth bought it, so it's Ruth's Chris.

  7. What he doesn't realize is that when most people read this, all they see is "I've been conned by Trump."

  8. It is correct that the distortion is due to gravitational lensing. What is doing the lensing is the galactic cluster SMACS-0723, which is the brighter objects in the center of the image. This is why the object is circular around these galaxies and you can notice some galaxies that are lensed closely around an individual galaxy. This article has some good crops,

  9. A large galaxy cluster located in the center foreground of the image, that is the source of the lensing. The lensing is centered in the image because the galaxy cluster is centered in the image.

  10. Is there a reason the plane of the galaxies have a loose circular pattern? Is there a "fisheye" type thing going on? Crude MS Paint illustration:

  11. The ones that are looking curved and stretched are caused by gravitational lensing. there are also galaxies where the camera of the jwst is looking at the edge (side) of the galaxy, so it looks like a line.

  12. Forgive my ignorance, but what are these galaxies lensing around that would produce this circular pattern? It's my understanding that light gets bent on its way to Earth (or the obersving telescope) when something of gravitational significance is "in front" of it, or in between the object and the observer. If the JWTS were pointed in a different direction, or any direction, would the same circular pattern occur?

  13. Here comes the two months of whining about fireworks from annoying suburbanites.

  14. Wait, but wouldn't that mean we had a case for perjury?

  15. They answered the question very carefully. Listen back to their answers. Paraphrasing:

  16. About 19k people every time they have a home game, that's who.

  17. Looks just like mine! Minus the beautiful scenery. And your paint looks like it held up better than mine.

  18. I'm not even a big ramen person, but this place (and this ramen) is all I've been able to think about for a while. The chicken appetizers are really amazing as well.

  19. I do find it interesting that the media is rarely discussing COVID right now. It’s almost like COVID is more significant when we are not in the midst of election season.

  20. He looks like Mac for sure. She doesn’t look like Dee tbh

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