1. Not as disturbing as a Hamburger Lady costume

  2. I'm pretty sure it's just the writers telling us time travel makes for boring plots.

  3. Yes it is off for me as well. I think it does not make sense to have it that large since it is exactly as large as the window is (hence a person sitting cannot look outside if not by leaning forward towards the table). Maybe it actually is the window that is too narrow with respect to the tables width(?).

  4. I understand your point. I've also felt inconsistencies with the length of the table in the two images. Maybe it's the perspective.

  5. Yeah, the costume came our great but, you're missing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A GRAPPLING HOOK!!

  6. I know we're supposed to dislike annabelle and root for elly but... Annabelle actually shows interest in Brandon while Elly only wore the necklace he gave her once. Brandon deserves someone who loves him and actually shows it. I'm rooting for you Annabelle!

  7. Wait, we're supposed to dislike Annabelle and root for Elly??

  8. Look at her misaligned hairline. She's most likely a Faceapp-ed version of some guy's face. Even if it isn't, the answer is just a troll.

  9. I don't get the hype for "Indians" achieving roles in the western world. Even if he's Indian, there's nothing for India to be proud of. We neither provide them the support for their cause nor was the cause of their achievement. Any success they've had, is the achievement of the person not of the country. I really hope our fellow Indians understand that.

  10. But Bodyshaming is shaming someone for their physical features that is not on par with the social norms of a perfect body. Here, RG is having a moustache and a beard. Also, the character she's comparing him to is not some evil/abomination. Just someone who's stranded on an island. So, that might be the only connection she's making.

  11. Hacking. I was guilty of this myself when I changed my IDE theme to black and green during highschool. What I hate about hacking in movies is that there's a myriad of pop up windows that has text loading for no apparent reason. Hacking as far as I know, doesn't ask for fancy windows with "loading" / "Hacking" plastered in giant fonts but runs commands on console. Not saying that there's no other options, but the ones shown in movies are not it.

  12. Thengil thenga illathathathinu OP enth cheyanaa.. Urea idanam.. Urea.. 😶

  13. Thenga veezhum enne ullu, thengil ninn venamennilla. Aarelum erinjaalum mathi.

  14. Myr!! Enthelum source koduthirunne ninne avar "mathematics killadi" aakiyene.

  15. Rasheedikkakk meesha illenn karuthi thettidharikkalle...

  16. Also can anyone explain why is the Movie named Rorshach?

  17. Mr.Kundi, Watchman Rorschachinte mask nokku, ithile Asif Alide mask nokku... Oru connection thonnunille... Athanne kaaranam.

  18. I remember Basil saying that they will have to leave Kurukanmoola for the second part of this movie since it’s not believable for another incident to come out from that place.

  19. Did not understand Sharafudeens character in the movie? What was his motivation? Why was he acting the way he did ?

  20. He is a somewhat pessimistic character. Reminded me of Elliott from Mr.Robot. He believes that no one is that good and such people always has skeletons in their closet

  21. Cause it has significance in the plot. Both to show the passage of time, and as a slight disguise while visiting the writer.

  22. Now some sick fucks would post this with "Lola lola" BGM...

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