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  1. Does it seem the “we know in our hearts we’ll be parents” is solely based on ivf working and not having any other options or back up plans.

  2. I know it was yesterday but CBV addressing the shoes in the house thing… I’m sorry, shoes in the house is disgusting. I know she lives in FL but I live in a winter climate and just this week, car sludge in parking lots, goose poop everywhere, general dirt and shit and you’re dragging all that into your house on your shoes and then letting your baby roll around. And then Marky wearing his muddy cowboy boots in the house that are probably covered in actual shit…No ma’am. I know you can only do so much, and if you have dogs they drag in their dirt but taking off your shoes is an easy way to keep your house cleaner than it would be.

  3. I absolutely hate shoes in the house, my husband unfortunately can’t be barefoot (it grosses him out) so we compromised and he has house only flips flops that he wears:

  4. She would have to start a whole new round of stimulation to try to produce follicles to retrieve. Then see if they have mature eggs that can be fertilized to potentially turn into embryos.

  5. Thank you, a lot of this is confusing for those of us who know nothing about the process!

  6. I don’t blame you, I’ve conceived my two babies through IVF. Laura is doing such a disservice to women going through or considering fertility treatment. She’s the worst.

  7. Honestly I’m sure I could research it, but if she’s going to “put it all out” at least make sure you’re not half ass-ing the info. I appreciate your kind responses, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have kids and one day have to look into ivf, but people like you who have been through the process and can help with first hand experience are awesome!

  8. SJM recommends reading them first. if you prefer reading chronologically and don't mind short stories, you can do that. but i know a lot of readers don't really enjoy short story collections, so it can be hard to really enjoy it without the background knowledge of the series beforehand. i prefer reading it after book 4, once you already know the MC and the world

  9. I enjoyed reading it first but I am a chronological reader at heart. I like to read things in the order the author published them. You’ll get a lot of different answers in this thread but I think the biggest decision for you is…. Do you prefer to know someone’s background going into the story? So that you understand her references to their past? If so, read TAB first. If you prefer to jump right in and don’t mind going back in time, read it after HOF.

  10. I agree with this whole heartedly! While I eventually learned to love AB I couldn’t imagine reading it after HoF especially at that point in the a series. I was so intent on moving on to the next book going “back in time” would’ve felt so tedious, especially how slow AB was to read in the beginning for me. I loved how ToG starts where AB leaves off. (SPOILERS) Also

  11. I know this will be downvoted but here goes. I feel sorry for Marky. I think he feels trapped. Sure he loves the money this is bringing in and she has probably protected herself enough legally that if left he would have nothing. To look at him with his expressions it is sad his health looks like it has deteriorated and he looks like a late 40 year old man. I’m sure he would like to be out with friends, but she would never allow him to have friendships by himself.

  12. I wouldn’t downvote you because your opinion is def valid. It’s just crazy how things are really subjective, I see him as weirdly obsessed with Laura and the lifestyle they represent. Kind of like a toddler wide eyed of mommy.

  13. Honestly, if you can't afford to have cocktails the whole time I'd rather you just offer an open beer and wine bar. A lot of people don't like to mix liquor with beer or wine and I think the situation will be really confusing to people.

  14. I agree, it’s def ok just to stick with wine/beer…I’ve been to plenty of weddings like this!

  15. Everyone .. what do we think of marky? I personally feel like something is majorly off with him .. thoughts? Maybe it’s just me 😂

  16. He’s weird, annoying, and tries to overcompensate too much.

  17. Honestly you’re a bigger person than I am to stay in the laundry room, I would have decline staying there that night and went home and not chipped in for the Air-bnb. Also i would never let any of my friends be put in that situation, so considering “Jane” left you to sleep in a laundry closet is disturbing. I’m sorry you went through all that, but you’re much better off never having to associate with them again!

  18. Depends on where you’re going, it can get chilly in Feb. I would say maybe a high of 70’s and low of 40’s.

  19. The fact that all the girls are tweeting/defending her and her “good heart”. YEAH OKAY, like we’re going to take their word for it, most of the women who go on the bachelor are exactly like each other. Also I know vile people who’s friends would defend them to the death, So their opinions mean nothing.

  20. Easy to blame the edit. What was said was said. My hubby said his hair on the back of his neck went up every time she spoke lol.

  21. I literally know those final circle adrenaline shakes, nice win 🙌🏻😊

  22. I agree with all this, if you have MW play some custom games to tune in your settings/guns. And don’t be afraid to play by yourself, all the fun is in the learning.

  23. I never look at my childhood photos and think “wow I can’t believe my mom dressed me in a Fugly Pocahontas dress when I was three, instead of trendy neutral basics”. She’s such a door knob, her kids are going to have soo many emotional problems to count.

  24. The fact she is so immature. She is “yucking someone’s yum” and it her own dang children is so sad. Let them be kids!! But also this is teaching them from a young age it’s ok to be mean or rude if someone likes something they don’t and only their opinion matters.

  25. Also that Dino outfit is the coolest/cutest thing. The fact that people take any fashion advice from her anymore is comical.

  26. Your mom saw your name, but you haven't received any communication. It would be appropriate for your mom to reach out to her friend (the bride's mom) and say she had originally seen your name on the digital RSVP list but now didn't see it there - and just wanted to clarify if she'd misread the original list.

  27. You 100% should email the photog constructive feedback, they probably were scared to say “no” to your in laws. But they’re going to need to learn to follow the bride and grooms request, especially if they want to make top $$$.

  28. You can make a custom listing for them that only they can see and pay. But note Etsy doesn't support deposits, you're expected to send them something for each sale.

  29. Oh wow I didn’t know that, I’ll look into it! Yeah I figure with the deposit the customer probably gets sent a digital file of the preparation and shipping info.

  30. I read Assassins Blade first and glad i did because ToG picks up where it leaves off. Also there’s a neat little Easter egg in AB that you’ll realize in ToG. The book starts off slow but gets better! Also I would hate to leave Crown of Midnight and start AB instead of HoF, I think it’s better to get it out of the way. Also in my opinion AB hit me pretty hard reading it first, so everyone saying it’ll be most impactful after CoM or HoF is definitely personal preference, I don’t think it would hit me the same if I read it 2 - 3 books in because by then I was already invested in the story and hate to start from the beginning also like I said before AB can be hard to get through at first.

  31. I’m so sorry for yours and your family’s loss! I’m sure he loved you all as much as you loved him!!!

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