1. I live in Ireland and it's winter so the light thing sounds very likely. I have a little spray bottle, I would spray the plant about once a week as per the instructions given when I got her.

  2. Sempervivum can survive outdoors in ireland. They often grow of roofs or in rock gardens where the rain water drains away quickly

  3. I would pay extra for tea that a tiger walked through. Not a lot, but yes. I want to drink the tea that the tiger touched

  4. Apples are decidious trees, they drop their leaves in the autumn and go dormant a few months every year and grow new leaves in the spring. They need dormancy to stay healthy

  5. Don't forget the table! How many times do you think she mentions how much it cost in an average day?

  6. I have it written down here somewhere, ah here it is. Ahem

  7. Decoy eggs are a method used by poultry owners to deal with snakes. I believe they sometimes use a fake egg that is bigger than the gaps in the enclosure so that the snake is trapped if it swallows the decoy.

  8. Alastair Reynolds has a PhD in astrophysics and writes space opera, both series and stand alone novels. Pushing Ice and Revelation Space are good places to start

  9. In the wild yes, their rots trail close under the surface of the soul to catch rain water. As houseplants they can't stretch out though, and if you use the soak and dry, their roots grow deep instead

  10. Manufacturers douse fabrics in all sorts of crap before they're shipped to stores. Fungicides to prevent mold, flame retardants and various stuff to make fabrics look light and fluffy on the store shelves and not get creases and wrinkles. The last ones also make the towels less absorbant. Most of these are bad for you so it's best to wash towels before you rub them on your skin and face

  11. I think it's more attention and validation from others-culture. Nothing you do matters if it doesn't get "likes" from others. You don't matter if you don't have viewers

  12. The people who have main character syndrome don't like it when you point it out to them though

  13. And the contrast between the lines around her eyes and the ultra smooth forehead isn't helping. Her forehead looks unreal, her eyes look like a normal person's eyes

  14. Comparing the pelvis it's clear to me now how human births are so difficult and why some women end up with a broken tailbone (I wonder if a different birthing position would help avoiding that), but also how a smaller pelvis is better for standing up

  15. I have heard that the ideal birthing position is actually a standing squat, but I am not sure if that is true.

  16. Your legs get tired, not ideal. And you need to be able to relax between contractions so standing up so standing up is not great. Standing on your knees and leaning on something like a chair is good. There are also birthing chairs that kinda look like potties

  17. Many of us have seen american movies and tv-shows and internet memes about weddings and are aware of the tradition

  18. Like Jane Fonda, you know she had work done but it's subtle and not terrifying

  19. The white stuff scrapes off, and every branch is covered in brown bumps. Is it scale? Fungus? I’ve sprayed the ever loving jesus out of it with neem but it doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything.

  20. It's the potting soil. It has fertiliser added to it, and these need a substrate that has no nutrients in it at all. Something like moss, or coconut coir, or peat mixed 50/50 with perlite works well with these.

  21. I liked the one where grandma pulled off her wig and revealed blue hair underneath.

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