1. I spend 11 hours a day scrolling through my phone

  2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Most of those "transients" you see on the street are actually very nice, normal people who just had a bad break.

  3. Randy on That 70s Show. They should've just cut the group down to 5, so Eric's absence could actually be felt.

  4. Going from Broker to Algonquin in GTA IV or from Going to Venice in Assassin's Creed 2 aslo has the same feeling.

  5. Serie A dominated the competition in the 1990s

  6. MVP's run with the US belt in the mid 2000 produced some good matches, especially his feud with Matt Hardy.

  7. Matrix parodies. For like two years after the release of the film, it was hard to escape the forced bullet time jokes in most media.

  8. "Just picture the audience naked."

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