1. I get that. If it wasn’t a college project and time sensitive, I would have frogged the teddy and started again with nicer wool cause that wool is really rough

  2. I have a 16 year old blind baby. He is the best! We are very lucky to still have him.

  3. Thanks! Still weird he’d skip over it in this setting to just briefly mention it instead of talking about buying beer and moving on.

  4. I think hosting must be a balancing act. He has to also keep the conversation moving and cover whatever the guest is promoting.

  5. It would have been easy at the end of the story to say something heartfelt even if it’s “yes we’re all sending our love” and then move into Mike Meyers stuff.

  6. I hear you. I don't see it as a slight but we all react to things differently, especially this week. I am gladbfor Mike Myers though.

  7. Critters aside, I do not think that is a safe way to defrost meat. Bacteria breeding ground.

  8. To those worried about the well being of my dog:

  9. Love those dogs but they are cray. Definitely better in a pack. Ours was happiest with 2 other dogs in the house....and a cat.

  10. What’s the use case? Are you clamping the device to something so you don’t have to hold it?

  11. I lay on my side reading in bed. Can prop my kindle up, hands free and turn the pages without having to bring my hands up from under the covers. Especially helpful because I do not wear my glasses in bed so my font is larger than normal. This means more frequent page turning, which can be really annoying. The remote page turner is less disruptive than moving my hands constantly.

  12. They should get that old promoter from the 1970's..Harvey and Corky maybe...I forget the Harvey guys last name but he should be available I'd imagine.

  13. Not "free" ,more like hard time...deserves every day!

  14. Not too many places left actually pounding and making fingers in house.

  15. I started with YouTube before this post actually! Spent a good hour studying and trying to copy sheep and stitches video to no avail lol.

  16. I think an in person lesson might really help you. Sometimes there is no substitute for real time instruction. Good luck.

  17. Sounds like an impostor, true uruguayans would call her negrita.

  18. Genuinely speaking I have no idea. People across latin america use it as a term of endearment like honey or baby or dear, if instead of negrito/a people call each other negro or negra it would be equivalent to lad or lass or mate, at least in Uruguay.

  19. Knit picks has some square needles too. I saw them in their last catalogue.

  20. This makes all the difference. I live in ATL now and have seasonal depression when I never used to.

  21. Winnipeg Jets are my team. But I feel a kinship with the Sabres. I take a look at this team and how it’s shaping up and I’m excited for Buffalo fans. Best of luck to you guys. I’m rooting for your success. In the end the underdog will prevail.

  22. This should be a common feature. 10/10 support this vandalism.

  23. You have ads on fucking gas pumps? That is the most american thing I have seen in a VERY long time. :D

  24. They are a complete nightmare. We aren't allowed even one second of quiet time to just think or space out. I avoid gas stations with them, if possible.

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