1. My partner says their HR department is arguing this and that everyone but my partner can be dropped that this isn't the same as me losing my job so it isn't a QLE

  2. Gaining other coverage is the QLE allowing your spouse to drop coverage.

  3. Have you ever tried hormonal birth control? My BC has completely stopped my cycle which is kind of amazing if I'm being honest. One less thing to carry in my purse!

  4. Is there any cons you've noticed? I heard there's quite a bit depending on the form of BC

  5. I have the implant. It was sore for a couple weeks but I haven't had any negatives since that. Each person will respond differently though.

  6. I made the choice to quit smoking on December 20something 2021 and I'll be reaching a year cigarette-free sometime this month! I didn't actually mark the exact date, but sometime this month.

  7. You should talk to her about these feelings when you've both had some time to process. I doubt she meant it as it came out. She might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

  8. I am actually surprised this was even possible. When I worked for a financial institution, employee and employee's spouse's accounts had restrictions that only manager level employees could access

  9. Promoting someone else who has that extra 12 weeks of experience, rapport with teammates, etc. over the guy who took 12 weeks off (for any reason) isn't "using it against him". It's just rewarding the person who put in more time.

  10. "Can I Be Denied A Promotion Because I Took FMLA Leave?

  11. You must be new to HR. No manager is going to come out and say it is because of FMLA. Almost no way to prove that it was a determing factor.

  12. I was replying specifically to the person above me who stated that "other employees have 12 more weeks of experience." Stating it that way would be a good way to lose a lawsuit.

  13. If it was me, I'd go to HR and then call the police. Even if this was a bad-taste joke, people don't joke about murder/suicide unless they have concerning mental health issues that need help.

  14. STD isn't job security, it's income security. So the STD policy (which is an insurance policy offered by a 3rd party) has benefits up to 26 weeks. But the job protection is only provided by FMLA in your state. They are two separate things.

  15. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. We all started at that "functional" stage. I recommend you check out

  16. Or not. It's not your place to decide. I know plenty of people that have taken one thing and then died from it. Booze, drugs or even work. Hope you get help on letting go of other peoples lives. Now I'm not saying don't care about people who want change. Have hope for them.

  17. Why so defensive? Alcoholism is not something anyone is happy to have. If a person says they are an alcoholic, they want to stop drinking. Saying this as an alcoholic. It's an awful thing that really sucks.

  18. Distance requires more intentional effort - when you're together, you can go out to eat or watch a movie together without putting much effort in to spend time together. You're gonna have to try a bit harder for dates. Do either of you like video/board games? There are lots of great online date options. Sitting and talking with nothing to do is always gonna be awkward - so make it a actual date!

  19. I think it's helped us take things a bit slower than we might have otherwise, which has given us the time to get to know each other on a much deeper level emotionally, intellectually, etc.

  20. This is honestly the majority of people who enjoy board games. It's just that the minority of us who like the more "hardcore" games are a lot more vocal about it so it comes off as if that's the "norm" for board-game enthusiasts, when it's really not.

  21. Are you in therapy? If not, you might benefit from it! It helped me with my codependency a lot

  22. Because I know how HR works and this sub isn’t restricted to HR staff.

  23. It's literally called ASK HR. People come here to ask HR questions. Not random people with bad advice.

  24. I think the key here is that "functioning" is the bear-mininum. Otherwise you'd be "excelling."

  25. There is no issue but a kind of arrogance. Maybe I am new, and I feel this way

  26. I think it's all in how you say it. Lots of people don't drink and don't give off judgey vibes. My personal favorite right now is that I'm trying to lose weight and would rather eat more cake than drink my calories!

  27. Uhm. Dude, no. You need to run from this woman. If she loved you, she wouldn't need your money. Asking for money here and there can be fine but to then feel entitled to it and get mad at you? She needs to either get a job or learn to live without extravagant things.

  28. I don't know if this will help you but jumping (like doing jumping jacks) helps me release the pent-up anger during a meltdown. Also screaming into a pillow helps.

  29. "Fuck off." I can understand that being healthy is important and my partner encourages that. But, he loves me as I am and wants to marry me regardless. I would not want to marry someone who needed me to change. If I knew I needed to be a certain weight to gain my partners commitment, that's conditional love and I'm not interested. Take me as I am and help me grow while I help you grow or fuck off.

  30. This breaks my heart. Please report this because the social services will first try to make sure the parents have the resources they need. It's the right thing to do for both the child and parents. The main priority will be the children, or course. No child should be abused in this way. It's hindering his emotional and mental development.

  31. For me: a TON. I'm actually confused how someone could want to share a life with someone who doesn't share basic values on things like this. Religion/Politics are things that are super important to beliefs/values and how a person responds to things. I don't stray far from the tree with either of these things. I am an (American) liberal and atheist. So, I basically don't date anyone who strays right from center politically or anyone who is religious (deist/agnostic is fine because I'm not anti-religious, just a nonbeliever).

  32. I have definitely been called a "rules nazi" (hate that term btw). Unless the game's rules are stupid, I try to stick to them. If a house rule is needed to make the game more balanced/fair, we discuss it and put it in writing.

  33. I super mean well with this comment and hope I don't get downvoted to hell, but I am always curious why people post things like this to an AUTISTIC community when we all seem to struggle with understanding. Wouldn't it be better to post this question somewhere where people don't have the common misunderstandings we have?

  34. Do you do commissions? I would love to order something like this to put on a Christmas card!

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