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  1. He deserves the recognition 🀝

  2. Feel like the majority of women who open the conversation like this want you to put in all of the effort. Just guessing, never replied to one πŸ™‚

  3. I'd love to read that trip report :)

  4. Wouldn't be a problem in the first place, if there just simply wasn't an insane amount of ads, and they always pop up at the absolute worst possible times. So those who actually defend this crap by using the argument of "durr you all entitled watching free content so spoiled," really are out of touch with reality.

  5. Not only that but am I the only one that when a 30s preroll shows up after entering a stream I lose patience and just leave and go watch something else? I feel like this is terrible for small-medium sized streamers

  6. Dude I am in the same situation. I felt like I was getting dizzy and about to pass out, but with no visuals or anything. My head just felt numb for 1min and I was shaking like a mf after. It was really unsettling, kinda scared now.

  7. I pushed through! I tried again today, and got the exact same whole body tense feeling and a bit of head pressure.

  8. Thanks dude, I knew fear was normal just never heard anyone talk about the head pressure and all that so I was like shit maybe I shouldn't do it lol. I'll remember your words for next time, thanks πŸ‘

  9. We live in an age where people make edits of other people blowing up to the beat

  10. At last, Battlefield 2042 at 60fps

  11. I took a hit of a tiny dose and felt like passing out with none of the effects so now I'm scared

  12. When these pre-rolls show up I just close Twitch and look for entertainment somewhere else lmao

  13. Absolutely nailed the film look dude. How'd you do it?

  14. I can't see many people spending money on skins you only see 15% of, some cringe voice lines and graffitis. They're not gonna be making much money off this game lmao

  15. This is also the same guy that if you look at him a split second too long he angrily asks β€œWhat’re you looking at?”

  16. Tbh I've seen a couple interviews he's done and he seems pretty humble and chill

  17. kwjm says:

    looks worse than the current one IMO

  18. I feel like unless you're extremely unfortunate in the genetics department there's a lot of things you can do to hold on to your hair for a very long time. I don't know why so many guys immediately give up as if there's nothing you can do about it.

  19. I've started fin and Minox but it doesn't seem like a guarantee or something that could really work long term, would love to hear your thoughts tho!

  20. In the end efficacy is different for everyone. You mean it doesn't seem to do much? If so you got kinda unlucky there dude :/ - Fortunately there's still a few things you can try: dutasteride, microneedling, ketoconazole shampoo...

  21. Who carries a fucking axe with them dude πŸ’€πŸ’€

  22. TA is a science you have to learn. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and willingness to lose lots of money before you're consistently accurate and profitable. This is exactly why 99.9% of people fail at it, and then posts like these show up.

  23. It's almost a month now and my doughnut is still not complete. It's so hard to make. How do people do that.

  24. Just copy what the guy in the video is doing, you can't possibly fail at that. It takes days. Literally just click the same buttons he is clicking while paying attention. You will get used to the navigation, shortcuts, etc.

  25. That would be my last time playing Lich

  26. Convincing the average American retard to vote for you is a lot easier than convincing the smartest people at nasa to hire you when you have literally zero qualifications.

  27. So tell me, how does one get hired at Los Alamos national lab with zero education?

  28. He was a low level repair tech/ janitor.

  29. He was a physicist there, as stated in the newspaper reports they did on him before he was known for the A51 thing. Where did you read that?

  30. love it, how did you make the vines?

  31. Looks great! how did you make the dust particles?

  32. I used geometry nodes, I have a tutorial on how to do it here:

  33. Ohh awesome, will check it out. Thanks man! πŸ™‚

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