two Chicago style hot dogs

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  1. Crouching tiger was huge for me as a kid. Agreed, was always really cool.

  2. The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

  3. I wish we could have gotten Burnout or Driver for the PS Vita.

  4. The psp burnouts were so good I'm surprised they never did vita versions

  5. Apologies, I forgot to say they look amazing! What it firstly come to my head is how exactly does a person like me achieve this kind of quality? I mean if I were to handcraft something like these, how would I start off? Do you use some kind of mold and a furnace or something like that?

  6. Ah I found the video, I just remembered where I'd saved it.

  7. You can make a silicone mold of the original buttons with some holes/ports to "inject" resin through (and let air escape). Ideally you have a pressure pot used to make sure there aren't any bubbles in what you cast.

  8. Are you set on/sure it needs to be acrylic? If it's for a clear case then resin should be much easier.

  9. I'm working on this right now. It's slow going

  10. in my experience with a similar past spouse who ultimatum'd at any turn. Counseling won't work.

  11. It may not work, but still feels like the right if not only move to try and remedy the marriage. But maybe OP should just do 1 or 2 counselors before calling it.

  12. It's because it didn't come from China, it was drop shipped.

  13. What shop did you order from? I'm in NY so NJ seems promising

  14. I thought it looked little rich as soon as I saw it, but I've been in the same building for 10 years so maybe things have changed? But having a built in dishwasher feels like a tell to me

  15. Back in my day, codes weren’t standardized and each store had different codes….. they didn’t come with fancy stickers on each cherry tomato. And I sure as hell couldn’t just scan a barcode from an individual celery stalk, I had to memorize the code!

  16. Grapes had to be glued onto the bushel by hand. We had to fill each banana peel with the banana filling at 5am every morning. And avocados were just peaches we painted green!

  17. My main problem with Chicago dogs is that the toppings sap all the heat outta the dogs, so you’re just eating a cold salad on a bun. A salad with a lukewarm sausage in the middle.

  18. I like them coming wrapped in foil so everything gets a little steam to it

  19. It means that the company has no loyalty to its staff.

  20. It generally means the company pays above average and promotes quickly. Losing deadweight opens up positions for junior staff to be promoted to.

  21. I wouldn't say "generally", but that's definitely the hope

  22. Battery Park is a man made extension to Manhattan. So enough money can make space.

  23. Yes, and the problem becomes one of allocation. NO had money in the city, problem was that they decided to spend effort on reducing taxes and building stadiums instead of something to hold back the ocean.

  24. Yeah I was thinking exactly that. Manhattan will get money allocations. Brooklyn less so. Queens less so. Bronx less so. They'll make something functional in the outer buroughs, but if something like a hurricane came through, I'd be unsure how well the poorer areas will fare.

  25. I enjoy the idea the cameraman briefly checked how to get to room 8 in the middle of all this.

  26. Throwing out there you could try some retro games through emulators. Gamecube animal crossing. Old-school harvest Moon (gba has some of the best).

  27. Nerfed the res shred and DMG bonus but doubled her Q damage scaling.

  28. I'm not super meta, but for shred isnt being equal to zhongli already good? He's got good shred. This would be a different option and as a 4 star.

  29. Highlight of the episode: looking at Griffin and Mitch's faces as Wiger eats an apple at 1:48:00ish.

  30. Thank you for that, having already listened this morning I needed that time stamp

  31. I already have it but haven't played it yet. Once again I'm thinking I should never buy a game since before I get around to playing it epic has it for free.

  32. When I first built a pc like 2 years ago I kept seeing games on sale for like $15. Great deal! Then months later I would still not have played it and it'd be even cheaper or free. After a backlog of some 20 games, I've learned my lesson.

  33. Imo, it looks like a scam/bootleg printer and i don’t see how this could be useful to anyone when you can get an elegoo mars for less than 150$

  34. I'm definitely the target market. Nyc apartment doesn't have much room for storage, and especially limited ventilation. Being able to pull it out and set it up on a window sill seems ideal.

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