1. It's fine. These are teens, this is my first year and I'm realizing they go through a lot and most of the times put themselves through a lot. I'm happy they able to open up to me cause I always have a simpler and calmer way to help them. But there's rape, stalking and teens involved. I honestly wish I could help even the abuser, but that's his parent's job. I will be going to the administration with this information tomorrow. I have managed to calm the girls down and assured them that they are not in trouble. I have also told them to tell me or any adult if someone does that to them again. As for the boys I had no choice but to tell them not to beat the kid (even though I really want them to) No legal actions would be taken. He's 13 even if that girl gets raped he's going getaway with it. I'm sorry but my country is messed up like that. I'm even thinking of reaching out to gender based violence organization to come and explain these things to them because at this point I don't know what to do.

  2. I would get help from anyone who is willing to at this point. I dont blame you at all, and wish I could offer more.

  3. This made my day. I'm in my mid 30s and had a student tell me that "the Smashing Pumpkins" were classic rock.

  4. Railway worker: we’re gonna do what the cops do. Show up to work, but not do anything

  5. If the game is for adults, and adults are mature enough to handle conflict and (gasp) WORDS FROM A STRANGERS, then why do any words, other than outright slurs or threats, need to have consequences?

  6. I was going to point out that it's not what you said, until I realized that if I wanted to have someone put arguments and feelings into my mouth without listening to what I actually said I could just call your mom, since that's obviously where you learned to talk to people.

  7. I said speech has consequences. You resort to petty insults because you dont like what I said and say that you're an adult.

  8. The christo-fascist term is fucking ridiculous. I hate those bootlicking hypocrites as much as the next guy, but that term has to go. It’s so fucking cringey that it almost makes me want to become one just to spite the neckbeards who propagate it

  9. She specifically says Christian theology should dictate government policy. That includes anything else being converted (because christianity).

  10. I don’t support her. I also don’t support being endlessly upset over stupid politicians making stupid political stunts that don’t impact our local day-to-day in the slightest, especially in a subreddit for a city outside of her district

  11. Cool, you can say that without messing with me. I'm not here to be part of your aha! moment so leave me out of it.

  12. Please Mr security guard, tell us how you would have enlisted but would have punched your DI...

  13. It would be fun if 141 was somehow forced to work with him again.

  14. When you say, “until he had a fall”. Do you mean he had an “accident” wink wink, or did he actually suffer from a legit fall?

  15. Last I heard he literally fell down the side of a mountain face, got all fuglied up and got sent home.

  16. Nah man, just pointing out that nobody is crying but you. The rest of us were having a nice discussion for a change.

  17. You're right. nobody is crying in this sub. Hahahaha

  18. Unbelievable the Supreme Court decided to hear the case in the first place. There is no plaintiff/defendant!

  19. All I would argue is that you can sew really well using dental floss. The best part is, as it frays you can use a lighter to melt it down. It's nylon typically so it has a decent tensile strength as is.

  20. Good point, I've ran gear that was sewn with dental floss as well and it is indeed very capable. The big thing with a sewing awl is it just makes sewing way easier.

  21. For sure! I'm an old punk so I always use upholstery or quilting needles and floss. Good kit to keep on you too!

  22. The overwhelming majority of joes are young and look like homeless pedophiles when they try to grow a beard for the first time. For every guy who pulls off the cool operator look, there’s 10 who would be arrested if they were within 300 ft of an elementary school.

  23. So weird how this county is so rich but never wants to spend any of that money.

  24. Worth noting that no same-sex couples have actually expressed any interest in her services, nor has any governmental body attempted to compel her to provide them. This case was manufactured from the ground up by bigoted fundamentalists looking for carte blanche to discriminate. The fact that the SC even agreed to hear this case completely devoid of standing is absurd, if not surprising in the least.

  25. That's the real story. Is that they're defrauding the people of Colorado and the court is enabling their fraud.

  26. Can I not read what someone has to say and formulate my own opinions? Why do I need some moderator’s oversight?

  27. I'm not fear mongering. I was explaining why it was an issue and why it was being censored.

  28. Read the about in the sub where it welcomes all in good faith. I'm acting in good faith, where you are not.

  29. I actually think that's too generous of a definition. Aside from some of Trump's 2016 campaign comments, can you honestly argue a single republican politician that holds "mildly racist or authoritarian" views?

  30. Roe V Wade was about keeping government authority out of health care. Thinking it was just about abortion is foolish and short sighted.

  31. These people are traitors to our country as far as I’m concerned

  32. Just wanted to add onto this: electronic proof of insurance is acceptable in CO. So if you can pull it up on your phone while being pulled over, that counts!

  33. As a US National Guards man. The similarities are striking.

  34. I’m imagining the nihilists from “Smoking Aces” spraying an entire can of starter fluid into the carburetor and it running about 3 miles before puttering out.

  35. IOTV Gen III (med) (Front) -Modified Onward Research Reece Rig w/Pangolin Flaps -Petzl TACTIKKA+ -Peltor PTT -First Spear Hand Warmer -Crye Precision Groin Armor

  36. Nice setup! I miss my iotv, even if it was the Gen I. Something about being a battle turtle was great. Especially after the IBA.

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