1. This guy really woke up and said I'm gonna be as wrong as I possible fucking can.

  2. Been having this issue for some time. Someone suggested turning off location services and that worked for me.

  3. You don't need a reason to sink someone, that's the truth

  4. You didn't even read my response did you moron?

  5. It's a dick move to sink someone in the pirate game, but you can call people morons on the internet and that's okay.

  6. I think maybe the game is telling you to stop running

  7. I mean it when I say this is easily the worst online community I've have ever been apart of.

  8. Since when did the lifespan of memes become 2 days long?

  9. You know what does LESS than nothing? Refusing to admit that certain regions are more problematic than others. The bible belt is absolutely the worst offender of being undereducated and supporting shit like an 18 year olds right to buy guns with virtually no oversight. There's a reason

  10. All I am, and was ever saying is that grouping people together and judging them throughout history has always ended in disaster. Recognizing that there is a disparity in education in certain regions is an important first step in making the situation better. If you want to help the issue become a teacher, telling people they are stupid won't make them any smarter.

  11. Holy shit, "demeaningly swearing"? I said quit spouting bullshit if you don't know what you're talking about. That's not demeaning. If you think it is you need a reality check.

  12. After reading this it's quite apparent the only stupid and uneducated person here is yourself. Kindly pipe down.

  13. I know lol. I translated that entire chart to my language for a Discord server. Quite proud of it

  14. Should've asked me for the original lul

  15. Thank you for creating these! I found them on the internet like a 4 months ago and referenced them quite a bit in my early pirating days especially the fishing guide. How do I edit the title so I can name drop you ! and nice to know who made these and be able to say thanks 👍😁

  16. I just want a outpost removed, there is too much outposts in the game rn, 1 per corner is what we should have. A lot of more interesting situations have happened In shores of plenty because they can’t just run to a outpost 3 tiles away

  17. Fun fact. Truck drivers who refuse to wear a seatbelt are many more times likely to die in a rollover crash when they fall/are launched out of the window and the truck comes to rest on top of them.

  18. Shaming your father on reddit for fake internet points.. yeah we have a winner here.

  19. Yeah, cause my plan all along was to farm karma off a shitpost. Quit reaching.

  20. As a pirate who literally only plays this game to PvP, if you camp ANY time limited content, you're a bitch.

  21. Sounds like you like to camp time limited events and are ass hurt you're being called a bitch over it

  22. Sounds like you reported a comment stating the same thing about yourself as you say about others. Can't handle it but sure likes to dish it out...

  23. And taking every single fight is for morons. Sometimes you gotta know when you’re just not equipped to fight so you try and run.

  24. Taking every fight is the best way to improve at the game. Refusing to fight others because they are better than you is a losers mentality.

  25. Much more fun to play the game then sail away into the wind

  26. thats cool! did you do the artwork? or is there a map of it in the game somehow?

  27. If you bury loot on the island you get a handheld map in your quest wheel.

  28. Testing Methodology - Fishing with each type of bait in several areas around the island to find approximate borders. Continued to fish along the found regional borders to define them better. If any regional fish spawned, I could then surmise that area as the equivalent region.

  29. It's new but your confusion is warranted, this should have been a feature since day 1.

  30. The screenshot was pretty epic man, you were pretty good comic relief as well.

  31. I'm not mad about getting sunk. I'm annoyed at the fact that everyone was all friendly and then for no loot or any reason at all I got griefed and spawn killed. Why would anyone want to participate in a community like that? You can Sea of Thieves not Sea of Friends all you want but at a certain point that attitude towards people who have nothing on their ship will drive players away. If you're fully loaded with loot then it makes sense. This whole instance just felt toxic and trolly.

  32. One person, me, killed you twice and sailed you away cause i didn't want you there. Stop fabricating stories

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