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  1. I like them all tbh. Im not crazy about them, but they are fine. We got cool looking crocodile, another fruity water starter and magician.

  2. Y'all will buy anything 😭 Can't believe this one could become best selling pokemon game...

  3. You know sometimes pokemon just should stay simple and silly 🤷‍♂️ And thats dunsparce. Simple, silly dumb snake and we love him

  4. Sign Of The Times is one of my fave songs ever, but i haven’t really liked much else from Harry so far

  5. that song is so good. his whole debut is imo his best work. fine line was eh, i liked 3 songs, and harrys house was terrible. whole album. really wish that he continued making songs like sing of the times, two ghost, kiwi... they are so good

  6. His song and involvement is just part of promo, it wouldn't change nothing if he never even made a song. This is just nitpicking at this point

  7. Damn, guess he won't be making those sequels after all 💀💀

  8. Aren’t they already made/being made?

  9. pretty sure that james said few months ago that if this one doesn't end up having good box that they wont finish the sequels or that he'll just finish the 3rd one

  10. What needs to happen is that people who complain need to stop buying the games. Maybe if Scarlet and Violet flopped they would've maybe reconsidered giving main games more time, but i seriously doubt that they will flop so honestly idk what could we all do now. Maybe do this for next game idk. Even bdsp looked terrible and looked almost exactly like og games and still it was kinda a success..

  11. If any major thing gets announced you'll probably found out about it in here, but I guess twitter is the best place if you want to get info about all kinda of stuff. There are acc like Halsey Updates, Charts on twitter so follow them for all kinds of stuff. Streaming numbers, news, new music... Although with all things going on with twitter idk if you should just rely on that.

  12. Big 4 Categories ( ETA: So sad that no MOTOMAMI in AOTY :( ):

  13. Music of the spheres in AOTY?? Are you fr 😭 Them and H.E.R. gotta have some really good friends in grammy committee

  14. This, Unholy and and DJ Khaled nominations are certainly "highlights" 💀

  15. H.E.R. being in big three every damn year is so damn funny. Like how the hell those noms never made her bigger and more well known artist 😭

  16. that bowl gotta have some use. maybe they all will get some backstories in the game

  17. The bowl (called vessel) is the Pokémon. It uses soil to make up the body. The other 3 are also cursed artefacts (sword, beads, tablets) using elements to create their bodies.

  18. idk why but that description is just hilarious 😭

  19. there are tons of recent explicitly political pop songs! just off the top of my head...

  20. Nightmare with Love and Power tour visuals is so damn powerful. I get goosebumps whenever I watch her performance of the song on tour

  21. I'm really curious about how will WB handle whole zoe kravitz situation that happened earlier this year when they start promoting The Batman 2. Like people will definitely brought the whole will smith/jaden situation whenever they promote the movie and character. It's honestly a shame that that whole thing happened because she was amazing catwoman and you will not be able to even talk about the character because of that..

  22. Everyone’s already forgot about that. We’re currently hating on Selena. Get with the times old man/woman/nb

  23. Rihanna having depp on her show is so fucked up considering that she was once in amber's shoes... If this actually happens then tbh fuck her and her music

  24. Same with the “live action” lion king remake

  25. On wikipedia it is actually called "photo realistic computer animated remake"

  26. he better be cooking something good. last one was so generic and bland.

  27. Can someone explain how spotify's monthly listeners work? Like when does user becomes a listener? Does he have to listen to the specific number of songs or minutes? And when does someone stops being a listener?

  28. Especially when young person dies and people say this or its " gods plan" 😭 Like just stop. Its annoying

  29. Really don't get why some people get offended when a villain in a movie or a tv show acts like a villain, and use some offensive words and similar stuff. Like they are bad people, most of them kill people and you shouldn't be offended when they say something fucked up if them killing others doesn't upset you

  30. crazy how polluting the nature like a crazy person and working with an abuser don't affect your career at all. its fascinating really

  31. Ain't no way people are seriously listening to that ice spice girl 💀💀 I hate it here

  32. omg youtube has changed dark theme into that really dark color and its so ugly. the previous one was nice and pleasing to look at and this new one is just so damn ugly

  33. could it be the new ambient mode they have going on that's changing the dark theme?

  34. ok i just found out what that is and i guess its cool, but tbh it feels so unnecessary imo. they really don't know what to do with youtube it seems

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