Gary Sinise, here. Some of my personal "Of Mice and Men" BTS photos in honor of the 30th anniversary

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  1. Yes and Lennie had accidentally kilt one because he didn’t know his strength shortly before Curly’s wife came in. I think they call that foreshadowing

  2. You’re not important, this isn’t important

  3. I dare say that based on the evidence, y’all aren’t important at all!

  4. Sounds like the disc lock didn’t fail, it worked perfectly

  5. Can we get this guy in a fashion show or something

  6. It’s pretty common actually but nice snag

  7. What’s the episode title? The link just takes me to the podcast itself not the specific episode

  8. Ancient weapons and star gates from 8/26/2022.

  9. The flag is “hung” incorrectly and it’s bugging me

  10. The person recording should be arrested for stopping there

  11. Imo it's actually safer for him to slowly follow the bike, oncoming cars might more likely to see the car than a watering motorcycle. I'll agree that filming is not the best, but considering it seems like it's a clear, straight stretch of road with no one whizzing past, it's less dangerous than some others I've seen driving at breakneck speeds while on their phones

  12. I meant stopping the recording but lol at these downvotes

  13. I feel like emotional music about the human experience would hit differently if you were alone in space

  14. Nah B, it’s the third highest average

  15. If she refuses to sign for it once it's off then you just put it back on the truck.

  16. Yeah some stuff specifically says inspect before accepting as well

  17. Both don’t really do anything. Brita filters comes with a disclaimer that they are not actually filtering anything out of the water too.

  18. Do you understand filtering vs. purifying?

  19. Ba ba ba beast of a werk ethic B

  20. If you start on a larger bike, you certainly can “be fine” or “survive”. I did. But what I realized is that I wanted to learn how to be a good rider, not just “survive” every ride. I was “just fine” on my fz6 but lacked confidence and hadn’t learned the skills. Riding a forgiving ninja 250 taught me those skills and when i went back to the fz6 after a season I was riding it much better

  21. Cause it’s taken them five years

  22. If it’s traditional boxing card, 10 no names earning a collective $15k

  23. My uncle works at Nintendo

  24. Just don’t look, just don’t look

  25. Also of note: According to the percentages on the stream she didn't even have the best hand? So idk why her cheats would say she was winning when she was down 47% to 53%

  26. She stood to win more than her wager on about a 50/50 flip

  27. Yeah I don’t get why he’s pissed, he went all in on a draw. He wasn’t guaranteed a win she called his bluff with a, while unconventional, higher bluff.

  28. Yeah but Jack high is a bit more than untraditional to call with in a spot where you’re either beat or flipping 50/50 at best. I’ve made that call before to drunk at 3am tilted from some suck out

  29. Why is Khamzat’s corner trying to fight people?

  30. Whatever the one before right in two, third eye, flood, lipan conjuring/lost keys/Rosetta, die eir von satan lol

  31. Not everyone hits all the time. I think i enjoy some of his simpler, older stuff more to be honest.

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