1. Same reason I spend so much time thinking about Peanut Butter M&Ms: depraved levels of desire.

  2. Never had one, is it good? I think u've tried every variant of m&m in germany but i've never seen peanut butter variant

  3. Well I think they’re the tops, but I’ve heard much of Europe considers peanut butter to be a curiosity at best, and further proof that the US is a degenerate, failed state full of fat morons at worst.

  4. Idk about the rest of europe, but i always have peanut butter at home so that i can make pbj whenever i want XD

  5. Folks if you know you'll stop, go the the outer lane of the highway, not the inner lane a.k.a the fastest lane

  6. I purposely had the sails going a different direction

  7. May i know why? Is it because it is easier to fit that way?

  8. To me I didn’t like the way it looked where all the sails went the same way. I etched the sails and wanted to make sure it was seen from all directions when I placed it on the host’s table

  9. Eli5 how could this happen? If it's only a tunnel below the street, this thing shouldn't happen no? I am confused ngl

  10. as if benito raman managed to score, especially four games in a row

  11. Actually, it looks like that effect is tied into the Summon effect (so a lingering effect), not a continuous effect that applies while the card is face-up

  12. That would be more ridiculous. It doesn't end then? Basically GY and banished are non existent if someone plays it. D. Shifter effect only last for 2 turns, but if this shit is lingering effect and it doesn't state when it ends, idk, madolche might be a tier 0

  13. Ohh right i miss3d that part, my bad

  14. Now I like this card. I'm also demanding that setting from hand should be an effect that starts a chain.

  15. Illogical, setting a card doesn'r activate anything, chaining is only possible if something is activated, just to see which effect is activated first

  16. See, you sound like a backrow card spammer. Just play combo decks if you don't want to get Maxx C 2'd

  17. And they'll bomb you with normal maxx c if you play combo deck, truly a way to broke the game

  18. Perhaps but I will still consider running it

  19. Tbh i can see that i can abuse it more with endymion and spright more. A +3 card shouldn't be a problem. The only thing that can be dreadful against this errata might be adam, spyral, and other engines that uses generic extra deck monsters.

  20. If you think about it, end boards like adamancepator's one is still strong even if your opponent have like 7 extra cards! but only if the meta isn't centered around board breakers

  21. Also, this errata might also kill nibiru, one rarely use it with spright meta, and going for a nib that only be added at endphase just make it a dead card

  22. Oooooh, this explains it so much better than people just shouting Kelvin! Thanks for the insight!

  23. Well, they shout kelvin to not spouler other thinkers, as 273.15 is the difference between celsius and kelvin scale

  24. I can tell that mid left is MGS, bottom left is violet evergarden, bottom right is you-chan from love live sunshine, mid is his highness Obama.

  25. The garage should have had the ads tbh, it is better that way imo

  26. Does political correctness falls down here? Like the latest Velma or the teen titans adaptations

  27. This has been a persisting issue with LDPlayer itself, and not the game's maintenance. You can try to set the emulator's cores to 2 and then restarting the game to see if the download progresses. Afterwards once you're in the game you can close out and reset it to 4 and have no problems.

  28. Right the old core trick, i'll try it. It was effective on alchemy stars, i'll try it later. Ty

  29. Out of all Ishizu variants I have seen, Ishizu Labrynth is actually on the more sensible side.

  30. imagine if you get both field milled, that's like fighting a hard battle imo

  31. Sause: Kyuuketsuki wa sugu Shinu s2ep10

  32. based on your deck tbh, if you decided to play through maxx c and enemy is using handtrap decks, you won't get a thing and they got draws.

  33. Check the temperatures while gaming, HWInfo is a good tool for this. Sounds like something is overheating.

  34. Nope, it stay around 55-60⁰C, it feels like something from nvidia is limiting the performance, in the middle of the game fans are getting quieter but cpu utilization is still around 90%

  35. This happens when you've got the laptop plugged into the charger, right? Without charging this is normal behaviour.

  36. Yes, my laptop is plugged in all the time while limit charging at 60% to preserve battery. So all of my report up there is when plugged in.

  37. I've never seen someone play cloudian since MD release

  38. I mean, what are you expect from zodiac duelist?

  39. Wait, isn't the card called zoodiac?

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