Argentina [1] - 0 Mexico - Lionel Messi 64'

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  1. Wait is Walter Samuel in Argentina’s staff?

  2. Yeah. Pablo Aimar and Roberto Ayala too.

  3. Thanks for the reply! That’s amazing. Didn’t know Aimar but Samuel and Ayala I know about. Damn seeing the Wall on TV was a nice throwback.

  4. This Argentina is so frustrating to watch

  5. Kinda bummed out that they scored when Lauti got subbed off but it is what it is. Hopefully he can get on the scoring sheet next match.

  6. He's quite far off his line, that should have been a re-take

  7. They showed the exact frame, he has the heel on the line at the moment of the shot.

  8. Penalty might be soft but still incredibly stupid from Bialek’s to make contact there and give the chance for a review, obviously I agree that the contact is not hard enough to warrant a pen.

  9. Obviously not great into Time Eater or the Heart fight unless you have Abacus or the Fan, but Clad likes Vuln so much that 7 (12) “free” damage is quite valuable if you can keep the debuff going.

  10. I'll never pick dome on silent or ironclad because I like having way too many piercing veils/disarms and usually end up completely depend on them during the heart fight

  11. Agree but it’s usually an easy pick if you are doing Barricade or Blur / Burst stuff since you don’t mind blocking every turn, or to some extent with Calipers.

  12. I think this is the first time I see someone not celebrate a goal for his NT

  13. Thanks for reminding me that! It was so long ago.. too bad it didn’t work out for him with Inter as well, I really liked him as a player.

  14. I am not. I am annoyed with ppl not understanding basic opinions in context with the headline and what he said.

  15. Mate he’s speaking generally about player mentality, that’s not a dig at Germany I can assure you. Mou has always been very critical to players that put their ego before their team, just look at his relationship with Karsdorp lately or what happened in his PL years. It’s a topic he speaks about very often.

  16. Subs really changed the game, Japanese players showed more effort on the pitch but props to the coach because he clearly won the tactical battle in the second half

  17. The Asian teams absolutely killing it so far! So happy for the Inter legend Nagatomo. What a great match!

  18. This Japan team is fighting really hard, deserved equalizer

  19. Every time I see that Rüdiger hop I burst out laughing ahahha

  20. Damn Perišić got completely owned by Hakimi this game. Great organization from the whole Moroccan back line.

  21. The ref has generally been pretty cautious with yellows all game, Modric got away with a couple in the 1st half

  22. This Croatian team is so frustrating to watch, insane midfield but they lack some offensive quality

  23. Opening up this thread since some people were asking how to buy the derby tickets, I thought they would go on sale today but today's article proves me wrong. Pinging the users who contacted so they can have the correct info, sorry for that.

  24. I signed up for a SiamoNoi card last night (order actually went through past midnight so it was purchased on the 22nd) I’m not 100% sure but judging by the English translation of the ticket info is it only cards purchased before the 21st that will receive pre sale access?

  25. I’m not sure on that but I’m afraid you won’t be able to enter that pre-sale, doesn’t hurt to try though.

  26. Just wow, I wasn't expecting such an upset so early in the tourney. Argentina should still be able to go through with the quality they have but goddamn.

  27. General sale for the Inter vs Milan tickets starts at tuesday midnight, I've made a countdown for you

  28. Should it be easy to get tickets for the derby on general sale if I’m on the website tonight? And what are usually the prices for gen sale for this match

  29. I think it’s just basic texture coloring, I find unlikely they have added colored textures.

  30. What do you mean? It’s obviously not just a blue-hued artifact texture, that is the exact old-style blue frame.

  31. Yeah upon review you’re right, I stand corrected. The texture is indeed different from [[Ornithopter|BRR]]. It’s pretty curious they change texture when a card changes color.

  32. You’re thinking of Hexagost, Slime boss always does 35 or 38 at A4+.

  33. Also only to the extent that you reduce positive strength, right? e.g. you reduce Time Eater from +6 to -9, then he clears buffs and goes to +0 permanently instead of back to +6

  34. Yeah I should’ve been more specific thanks for adding that, all bosses cleanse at 0 strength minimum

  35. Yes they would, you need to -2 points for charles and +2 for Perez. Perez would have won second place by 1 point. And if you think this ain’t right, learn maths.

  36. Why do you say so? Brazil could’ve only been 2 more points for Perez, Verstappen actions didn’t change Leclerc’s result

  37. Charles would have 2 points less and Perez would have 2 points more. So Charles 308-2=306 and Perez 305+2=307. So if Perez would have been in the last race before Charles he would have gotten second by 1 point. Simple maths.

  38. I don’t see why you say Leclerc’s points would change in Brazil at all, could you explain that?

  39. This is amazing because in my country cost of wood and heating has skyrocketed so I can just use gems instead of € now, thanks WotC!

  40. XecnaR and Lifecoach often do this. Most useful in Act1 as you’ve got fights that need to end quickly (let’s say, 90hp Gremlin Nob in 3-4 turns). A way to do it is to consider best and worst possible draws and see how quickly your deck can do damage, so if you fall a little short you can e.g. path into a store to look for a potion solve. I suggest looking up XecnaR VODs on YouTube and see how he reasonates through Act1.

  41. You should really do this with average winrate rather than win count, otherwise the results may be a little misleading. Not a dig at you OP, just a suggestion to improve your data analysis.

  42. They do, but I think the power level is a little more balanced in sealed because everyone is opening their own packs. You also don't deal with shuffler shenanigans and a skill based match making system.

  43. There isn’t MMR matchmaking in limited at all, sealed in particular only pairs based on event record since it’s unranked, the ranked limited queues use rank tiers alongside event record but not the hidden MMR.

  44. In the early access for streamers I saw two streamers compete against each other, GomletX was at 2 losses at the time game 4 and Nummy had 0 losses game 3, so not sure how it really matches you. Perhaps, it was specifically for early access because of how many people played the event.

  45. Yeah sometimes you face people with a different event score if the queues are particularly slow, on the EA servers there are just a handful of players so it’s possible they can get matched up together a few times in a row. This happens in traditional draft too, particularly late in the set release.

  46. Did you find a shop behind a ? on floor 3? That’s unlucky af

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