1. I didn't even know about the Twingo electric.

  2. It's a decent little car, loosely based on the smart for four. It's tiny turning circle, regenerative braking and rear wheel drive make it a nice city car with good handling.

  3. Yes. Maybe not in Groningen, but I'd want to be born in the Netherlands or a Scandinavian country above all else.

  4. Schakelaar zit meestal geklikt. Even een dunne schroevendraaier/botermesje ertussen en openwippen.

  5. Moest de schakelaar eraf wippen met n gevaarlijk voelende hoeveelheid hefkracht. Ging bijna dwars door mn monitor heen.

  6. Sounds like you have a shitty instructor. You pay him for lessons, not for playing with his phone. And his behavior is terrible overall.

  7. That's an odd way of saying that India opposed the US in the Cold War and allied with the Soviet Union, while declining European aid whenever it's offered.

  8. Eerlijk gezegd is dat niet verschrikkelijk duur voor 5000 m2 met woonbestemming.

  9. Oh boy, it's that time where all the reddit badasses come to explain why these actual soldiers are dumb and weak.

  10. I get your drift, but this is obviously for show. If you're actually trying to kill a guy, you jam that knife in his throat using the shortest route. But that doesn't do well on demonstrations.

  11. I recently read just how well they do treat their POWs and what they provide for them so those who surrender would have it basically better than what they have in their homes

  12. If they ever want to be a NATO member, they will have to treat their POWs well.

  13. Typical degenerate in russia. This the type you’d catch in a full adidas track suit at a fancy dinner.

  14. This is the guy at the resort that empties everything at the buffet onto his plate and then eats two bites and leaves.

  15. It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump, Marjorie (“I don’t recall”) Traitor Greene, Qbert and Tucker Carlson are under foreign influence. They claim to be the true patriots, that’s what makes all this so hilarious.

  16. Trump literally rents out his properties to wealthy Russians so they can have their kids born in the USA.

  17. Can’t they rent on their own? How is Trump helping them practically if they are wealthy?

  18. It's not just the room. They offer medical assistance and documentation services as well. It's called ''Birth Tourism'' and it's a popular, but expensive way to get your kids an American passport.

  19. There are some fucking WILD stories in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. In Samuel 28, King Saul wants to ask the prophet Samuel for advice before a battle with the Philistines, but he’s dead, so Saul gets a witch to summon up his spirit (which Saul himself had explicitly made illegal, by the way!). Samuel’s ghost tells Saul to go fuck off and die so that David can become king of Israel. Saul and all his sons then die in battle the next day and David becomes king.

  20. Interestingly enough, researchers at Cambridge used that text to determine the date of the earliest known solar eclipse.

  21. I've shot hundreds of waxwings hunting for a cardinal. Now I'm in the epilogue and the damn birds seem to have gone extinct.

  22. There's a pair of rocks along the rail track near Flatneck Station where you can hunt any kind of small bird. Also standing on Fort Brenand platform.

  23. A collar clip, probably missing an ornament in the middle.

  24. Avg. European response to American warnings: “you’re being alarmist and trying to start conflict for no reason”

  25. How would decompression time impact this operation at all? They could have planted the explosives several days ago and detonated them yesterday.

  26. Because that means their ship has to wait out that period at the surface as well. Which would draw attention. It's just not viable to use divers for such an operation. Better to send a submarine drone.

  27. No a ship doesn't even have to wait. If a dive team has enough experience they can deploy via helicopter and be picked up by boat. The vessel wouldn't have to just hover above the dive location. This would require military-trained divers, which any reasonable navy would have access to. And even if the vessel remained above the dive location it wouldn't matter. They would detonate the explosive several days later so there would be no way to link that explosion to a vessel that sat roughly above the location for a few hours weeks before the explosion.

  28. Guy in the middle realizes that was the same AK he got last time he was conscripted

  29. He's got 3 stars on his shoulder, Sr lieutenant. I'll bet you he remembers that rifle.

  30. OMG, this is going to be used as the reason for NATO to take direct action against Russia isn't it? Hope everyone is stocked up on iodine and survival food.

  31. It's outside NATO borders and belongs to Russia. So this is no grounds for an article 5 intervention. Whoever did it knew exactly what they were doing.

  32. One of the explosions was on swedish waters.

  33. No, both explosions were just outside territorial waters, in international waters.

  34. Comparing the citizens of Russia to the terrorists who mined up a school and invaded a sovereign country is not a good exit strategy.

  35. There is no foreseeable future where we play nice with Russia anymore. We've tried that, we helped them recover their economy, traded, even cooperated on military issues.. and they still pull this shit. It's not just Putin, a very large portion of Russians completely support him and this war. There is no silent majority that could overthrow the government, not gonna happen.

  36. Ik heb oprecht medelijden met dat kind. Zal 100% opgroeien met het idee dat iedereen hem wil hersenspoelen, vergiftigen of vermoorden.

  37. Je gaat ervanuit dat Thierry zelf ook gelooft wat hij roept.. no way dat hij zijn kind naar een fvd school stuurt. Het is allemaal voor de bühne, zelf kijkt hij wel uit. Zolang zijn volgers maar blijven doneren en zijn rare boekjes blijven kopen .

  38. Het meeste wat mensen in een kleedkamer van je zien is je indergoed toch? Dan zouden we ook aparte stranden en zwembaden moeten hebben voor elk gender. Of zijn er hier mensen die naakt in een kleedkamer gaan staan?

  39. Ik wel, maar ik ben een ouwe lul. Dat wordt van ons verwacht.

  40. Dat we genaaid worden klopt wel een beetje. De energiemarkt is bezig de crisis uit te melken tot het naadje. Gisteren nog werd bekend dat Gazprom recordwinsten schrijft vanwege de hoge gasprijs.

  41. Als ik een hele appelboomgaard heb en jij hebt 1 appelboom, hebben we samen een behoorlijke voorraad appels.

  42. Als er meerder boomgaarden zijn en eentje gaat failliet, hoeft dat niet te betekenen dat de appels opeens 10 keer zo duur worden. Een kleine prijsverhoging is te begrijpen, de rest is gewoon misbruik maken van de situatie.

  43. Nava isle, it's most likely cut content, but hey kept the location in the game.

  44. Ok this isle even has an article in the wiki. Seriously, how do you know its name? Is it displayed when you go there? Like when going to certain regions their names appear on the side of the screen? Because in over 1k hours I never realised that this small speck of land had a name…

  45. I stumbled upon it in the game and got curious. So I looked it up, hoping for more info. Sadly, there is none.

  46. The Brits don’t care, they can’t afford gas anyway, these days.

  47. But hey, your new tax plan will make sure the billionaire class can trickle down some money on you any day now!

  48. The nukes are also ancient and it's unclear how many actually exist and the state of any refresh operations.

  49. I remember a class about the cold War and they told us that weapons inspectors were allowed in the US and USSR to inspect the nuclear arsenal. They found a lot of water filled bunkers, some sites were in so much disrepair, the blast doors probably wouldn't open when needed. At least not on short notice.

  50. Het is helemaal niet nodig. De gaswinning heeft de energietransitie met decennia uitgesteld. Nu die eindelijk op gang komt hebben we steeds minder gas nodig en al helemaal niet meer uit Groningen. Ik ben ook Groninger en ik ben mordicus tegen verdere winning.

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