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  1. Same, I took the first slumped name I got :') It's very uh..... Unique.

  2. PS i didn't bring up him allegedly sending nudes to a group chat with minors because there is no proof that said nudes were sent to minors. maybe he just sent it to friends/girls-he-was-seeing. Since there is no proof he sent those ugly nudes to minors, this aspect of it seems like revenge porn against percy.

  3. Regardless of the truth of the allegations, he definitely has a case against these people, considering they've spread nudes of him online for proof of their claims as well as public defamation unless they can prove their claims in court, and even then... Well. Not the best way to reach out to claim this since it could backfire and get them into trouble as well. It would've been smarter to bring the proof to the police/court before saying any of these things publicly.

  4. I don't have twitter so I can't do anything, sorry. But that thread still seems somewhat reasonable. Those kind of inconsistencies in the stories can happen when witnesses are pressured like this so I don't pay that too much mind, but what gets me the most is the hair timeline. That would mean the accusers have spread CP of him to millions of people. Which technically makes him a victim regardless of if he did anything to begin with.

  5. brown is so much cuter but grey would fit more outfits... :(

  6. Typ skratt-grät när jag såg hennes reply, jävla kungligt av henne alltså

  7. I have an alt account that is not star rider and rely on star rider codes and I told them why do you purposefully lead people on about things being in free rider territory? I copied and pasted a quote about the blizzards from their news page? I asked them why James has a third dig non stars are not allowed to get or why does Landon have a fourth sheep that is star rider territory?

  8. I usually try to level up all my horses (so far I have 10 left to level up fully) And when they're finished I place them in the paddock and pretend they're being loaned out to the Moorlands for riding classes.

  9. I had the same problem. When the My Little Spiders quest came out I thought to myself that I wouldn't care that much about them (they were sort of cute ig), but I spent over a month barely touching the game because I kept hearing the baby noises and "instinctually" logged out :') It almost got to the point where irl baby sounds triggered my fight or flight, haha. I had to force myself to look up the locations so I could be rid of them once and for all and actually play the game without wanting to cry because I kept getting jumpscared by spiders all the time!

  10. I still regret throwing mine away, it was such a funny incident

  11. Yup. It is SSO's responsibility to make their players (kids, teens AND adults) feel safe in their game & I agree that moderators and a report system (accessible in-game, not only in the customer service) would definitely be the way to go, it is easy to surpass the filter and it doesn't ban enough words anyway (like sexual words that definitely should be banned but aren't). It is definitely understandable that reading bullying makes you uncomfortable and it is not that easy to avoid since even if you didn't have chat open you can still see the chat bubbles or if you want some help and ask global you'll still see the messages anyway. It is fun since they did this whole

  12. They should honestly just do what Ponytown has and add an 18+ server. God knows I would play more if I didn't have to constantly sit and get annoyed by the censor telling me i can't spell harmless word... And while it wouldn't fully solve the issue for the younger servers (only proper moderation would do that) it would direct some stranger people away from them

  13. It's also up to her partner to understand and not jump to conclusions that she's a lazy bad mother.

  14. that's not what he said and you know it. he's worried for their kid, and rightfully so.

  15. The amount of people on here ok with baby’s being left to sit in there own feces for hours is astounding!

  16. i'm so glad to find reasonable people! i'm fucking livid at the amount of people who act like letting a baby sit and stew in the dark for 2+ hours is normal and like he's being neglectful to his wife for worrying about her not taking care of their CHILD. it's extremely worrying that so many people defend the wife over op based on the mental and marital issues they project onto this situation.

  17. Holy shit, did you make him? That's incredibly well-made

  18. I met a bunch of NPC horses in Mistfall with bright pink manes yesterday

  19. Inte bra alls. När folk får se vilket jävla liv polisen får utstå hela tiden så kommer ingen vilja bli polis.

  20. ingen vill ju vara polis ändå? jobbet suger dase

  21. You sound angry. Maybe you need to smoke a yummy yummy cigarette

  22. just because you enjoy slow suicide it doesn't mean the rest of us do. piss off, troll.

  23. It's like the older trees 😭😂 Imagine hopping to get up on the bench

  24. I go for all achievements and stars right now! Esp. Since I have full rep for everything but the Beach Association now too :') Hidden quests are fun too!

  25. I defended Techno and Ghostbur with my life during that thing, it was so nice

  26. YTA. This is both strange and controlling behavior on your part. She can speak japanese well and is not mocking it, so there's no problem here other than your what-ifs.

  27. Hey Technodad, have you listened to Techno's song Blitz? And it that case, what do you think of it?

  28. You need cookie crumbs for that one. Good luck!

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