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  1. I was getting bullied for having a lot of armhair (I'm a girl) by this one Italian girl. She had a very "stereotypical" Italian nose and my mum said if she keeps badgering me about it I had the right to say "I can shave my arm hair, too bad you can't shave your nose"

  2. Wtf is this course going to be about I cannot wait for the flop

  3. Wow awesome advice. Thank you!! Fixed my little spelling error there thank you haha.

  4. I suggest you get a copy of one f Meg Keene's books. It will walk you through the process step by step. There is also their website A Practical wedding.

  5. As a woman who has not had any children, birth is a very mysterious thing. It's exciting, it's horrific, it's beautiful, it's primal... I myself have done so much research throughout my life. I think it is entirely normal to be curious about it.

  6. Looks stunning. I'm currently shopping around for alexandrite. Could you tell me where you got yours or anyplace that might be worth looking into.

  7. Definitely look around on Etsy! There are quite a few shops that sell some stunning alexandrite rings.

  8. I love my family but I am not sure if you have a great day and I will be in the morning.

  9. Dang I didn't mean to start something so controversial I just thought looking at fancy boats would be interesting!

  10. It would be super cute if it was a diary entry written by a child. It’s embarrassing and cringey because of who it is - this is a woman who was obsessed with marriage and wrote this list in her 20s.

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