If Manhattan adopted ‘The Line’

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  1. My God you fucking republitards are stupid. They serve salad too, does that mean they love vegetarians or endangered species or something. Get a grip Republicans. Truly.

  2. Stooping to their level of discourse to make your point isn't the vibe.

  3. And they'll use this story to justify their stance, even though something like a new polio outbreak is caused by their very stance.

  4. I've only been on one cruise which was 5 nights. I had an inside cabin with no windows or anything and I really didn't care at all. I only used the room to sleep, shower, and go to the bathroom. That was really all I cared about.

  5. Normally I'd agree with this but OP is asking about a transatlantic. I don't know about you, but after 9 or so days of a 14 night journey I think I'd want to be able to see out a window from my room at the very least.

  6. Not really that interesting of a listen. She also used a problematic term to describe a car.

  7. Have you ever listened to this podcast on a regular basis? These guys use all sorts of problematic terms as a part of their vocabulary. I'm not surprised if something slipped out on chef Rachel's part, she's done that on the show on occasion too (with generally no harm intended, but still).

  8. Wait, that's it? That's less than prepaying for access.

  9. Isn't that what North Korea does with their entire population?

  10. I truly hate the yacht, the name, the logo font. It’s honestly unacceptable

  11. Weird how the yacht seems to hate the crew too. It very clearly wasn't designed for this type of quick turn around charter season.

  12. We went to a famous comedy club in NYC, can confirm. We were sat with our backs to the stage area as well and still got a pretty high bill at the end (even with only ordering the cheapest thing we could order).

  13. On my last RCL cruise I self-disembarked and was off the ship and through customs by 7:30 (i left my stateroom around 7:15). If you're able, I highly suggest just keeping all of your belongings with you.

  14. Be okay with slow, methodical progress. It might seem overwhelming at first, but the rate that "projects" progress at is intentionally set to be slow by the game developers. Remember that the setting is supposed to be your own relaxing private island and the game wants you to play as such.

  15. Downlining isn't currently allowed by Royal Caribbean.

  16. It's so weird how cruise lines like MSC make their money strictly off of this model (you can meet a ship and board at any port along their journey, and the cruise is sold as such), yet others like RCL don't allow it the opposite way.

  17. Social workers, crisis services counselors and other human service workers put themselves in the dangerous situations every single day. It's already happening and there hasn't been the "end of it" you seem to think it will.

  18. Sending trained counselors to mental health calls instead of armed brutes would be a good start.

  19. Endeavor Health has that contract with BPD

  20. Is the ship updated now along with the other Freedom class ships? I took a cruise on Freedom in 2011 when it was still a “newer” ship and it obviously didn’t look the same way back then. Just curious if anything appeared to have been updated, because I’m sure they have in the last decade.

  21. Alternate Headline: "Walgreens refuses to sell condoms to a couple on religious grounds."

  22. That whole area needed a better redesign. Traffic goes so fast from Niagara down the thruway entrance, way too fast for the city. Coming from Hampshire it's hard to see if there's traffic in either direction especially if the light is red onto Niagara. People are always going ridiculous fast there.

  23. Is this not the redesigned area of Niagara already?

  24. Fair to find it sus , but I asked permission to post. Thats the company I work for: Plusgrade, If you scroll down you will find Royal Caribbean we also have many other cruise line using our product.

  25. Maybe the mods could put a sticky at the top of this post that you've been verified or vetted or whatever. Otherwise this post does come across as sus.

  26. The Texas law grants standing to everybody that is not a public official. It also specifically bars defendants from counter-suing to recover legal fees.

  27. Someone should go sue everyone in Ted Cruz's family individually without actually suing Ted Cruz and see how long this lasts.

  28. Does this mean they'll be closing their state park campgrounds since it's a felony to sleep there now?

  29. Buying is usually cheaper than renting for this very reason, but most renters can't afford a down payment because high rents make it much harder to save. The whole thing's a scam.

  30. The worst part is there is virtually no lender who would consider on time and consistent rental history as a part of their mortgage application. Renting builds credit for nobody but the landlord, and keeps people stuck.

  31. Added bonus, cops don't get to choose who to stop or ticket (I would wager, minorities and poor people), and all those assholes who you see speeding and "wish there was a cop right now" would actually get caught

  32. So who decides where these cameras are put up? Which communities they should go in?

  33. right? But it’s Med? WTF for? Explain this to me

  34. Excellent point. I could see the EP's at 51 Minds/Bravo doing this to try and get Med back on the right track. Sailing is already flying so they're good but El Capitan was really bringing Med down.

  35. Very true. I can't wait to see with a brand new crew how the most hated captain in the med holds up to her own self proclaimed "leadership" abilities.

  36. They better not get rid of the apple pie logs. Those are what keep me coming back

  37. Are those actually... Good?

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