1. Only 4 years into it but at a basic level you begin to have so many competing priorities and the marriage or relationship with your spouse will fall down the list of priorities. Stress and exhaustion bring out the worst in people. You may spend a ton of time together but it's not necessarily quality time because the focus is on the kids and the responsibilities/logistics/mental load surrounding them.

  2. Yes. I am also an introvert and have a 2 and 3 year old. Beyond exhausted always and regularly overwhelmed. I have very little left over for anyone other than my kids and husband.

  3. As someone else said check the airline. This isn't even allowed on some airplanes lol

  4. Working mom of a 2 and 3 year old. I am so so tired. Most night I get only 4-5 hours of sleep so I am not performing my best and have trouble retaining things and thinking on my feet. My kids are also sick every 2-3 weeks so I have to arrange backup childcare, or try to work from home with sick kids (impossible).

  5. I dont have a solution but my GSD was the worst for this between 8-12 months. She is about 1.5 now and its gotten a lot better. We are working with a trainer, and exposure & repetition has helped. Basically you have to learn what your dog's threshold is (how close they can get to something before reacting) and then work on reducing the threshold through exposure. Get closer to the dog/bike/runner and if your dog starts freaking, back off and add space until she calms down.

  6. I have one to add because I used to be that person....I'm sorry for complaining about how tired or hungover I was, or how overwhelmed I felt by my.....life of leisure ! Lol. I had it so easy !! I cringe now thinking of how I would complain to my mom friends who were likely struggling with real problems.

  7. We came very close to pulling the trigger and moving from west GTA to Sudbury. Ultimately we decided not to because we have 2 young kids and no offence meant but I would be sad if my kids grew up and never left Sudbury. Hard to put into words but you are just exposed to so much more in a more urban city and have more local opportunities. But oddly enough I would have preferred to grow up in a place like Sudbury rather than where I grew up in the GTA, and if i didnt have kids id be gone in a heartbeat. If you need the airport or a concert.....just drive back.

  8. A majority of childcare isn't even licensed. You have to be rich or poor enough for a subsidy to get into licensed care where I am. It's all a crock of shit.

  9. That's how I see it too. The middle class continues to get screwed.

  10. Not sure where you're located but check into your city/regions recreation programs. My local ones have drop in programs or pre registered activities for pre schoolers. We also have local kid focused organizations, early learning centres and library programs.

  11. I didn't want kids for a long time then I changed my mind and had them at 31 and 33. No regrets and actually wish I had them in my life sooner. Would have probably had a 3rd if I started earlier.

  12. I had mine at 31 and 33 and wish I had them sooner. I love them so much and wish they were in my life earlier, and also I want as much time with them as possible. I probably would have had a third if I started earlier as well. I am so so tired and I think part of it is my age (35).

  13. I was like this too. I stumbled upon this app "in love while parenting" which is all about this. It does a great job of diving into this and giving advice on how to respond in a more supportive way.

  14. Don't say anything unless they do. If you didn't sign anything or read any terms and conditions then you may be ok.

  15. A few weeks ago when I dropped my daughter (exact same age as yours) off at daycare the provider told me she had grabbed 2 other kids faces the day before. She showed me pictures of the other kids faces and it was bad. She drew blood and left huge scratches.

  16. What an appropriate post to read today. It’s my 50th today.

  17. I would go with the role the old supervisor is offering. Being a working mom is extremely hard and a big adjustment. Young kids get sick a lot, have sleep issues, doctors appointments, etc. You will want a supportive supervisor and the option with the lowest stress level. There is plenty of time to take new opportunities when your kid is older.

  18. Been with my spouse for a long time. Some years we celebrate it, some years we don't. It really depends what else is going on in our lives and if we have any money to burn that year. The important thing is we let the other know and are on the same page, so there are no unmet expectations or disappointments.

  19. Are you sure you'll be able to get a house? I know people that had looked for 1-2 years and put offers on 10+ houses before they found something or gave up. Something to consider.

  20. My kids go to a home daycare with maybe 5 other kids. Oldest is 3.5 and still gets sick every 2 weeks like clockwork.

  21. 1 load of laundry a day (wash and PUT AWAY...I know that is the hard part) and I try to do one cleaning task per day i.e. clean bathrooms or vacuum or mop or dust. I am not always successful in following this but if I can it prevents me from spending hours of weekend time on housework which really helps my stress levels.

  22. Re: toxic environments......my experience has been a bit different. Early in my career I left what I thought was a toxic environment. The new place was great for several years, then a new boss started there and it became more toxic than the original. I got out of there as quickly as I could and am now in another bad environment that is worse in some ways. This is all over a span of about 10 years. My mental health has really suffered and I now regret not just staying at the original place. I likely would have been making the same salary I am now, and I would have a couple more weeks of vacation than I do now. I would have avoided the stress of moving organizations. Moral of the story: the grass isn't always greener, and if you need to leave, make sure you aren't leaving for something worse.

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