1. a court of thorns and roses series (ACOTAR) is a perfect example for this and is a great series in general

  2. I’m surprised OP didn’t mention this series as inspiration for this post, as soon as I read the request I thought ohhhh they must have just finished ACOTAR. OP DO NOT go into the acotar sub or look up fan art, just go in blind

  3. OP here. I have not actually read ACOTAR yet. Tho it's on my TBR. It's like the #1 recommended book around here, it seems. I have not read it yet because I heard there may be a love triangle? So that's why. But I know very very little about it.

  4. I HATE love triangles and do not tolerate them. I would say for the female main character the relationship with one person is well and truly over while she’s in the friendship stage with another person which is later revealed to be the bond you’re after.

  5. Try A Kingdom of Dreams by her. It’s set generations before Whitney my Love which you will hate but written a long time after. She really tries to make up make up for her previous brute MMCs in the way she writes the AKOD MMC. I also found the ending romantic which I don’t often feel about romance’s strangely enough.

  6. This is why I like HR, there’s no cringe for outdated references or things that were once trendy which are now incredibly daggy

  7. I also tried but just wasn’t as invested in the characters and couldn’t get into it either. I wish we had more Lara and Aren instead.

  8. I listened to a podcast where the author was a guest and she explained why she did it that way. She said for another book for Lara and Aren there would have to be a drama or conflict for them and she didn’t want to do that to them, they got their HEA.

  9. This makes sense. I just wish it would have been a duology then in that case, because I feel like I’m leaving the series unfinished and I hate that (though not enough to read book three.)

  10. My all-time favourites are Mary Jane Wells and Carmen Rose; Justine Eyre is maybe a tad over dramatic for my taste but still very good.

  11. Omg I second Carmen Rose, so so good. Particularly Alice Coldbreath prize fighter series

  12. I work for the state gvt in a different state. A stat Dec was enough for my organisation, ask if they will deem that enough

  13. Look I really struggle with the series and although it does get wrapped up nicely in the end of book two (I feel like it’s a part 1 part 2 of the same plot line style series) it never sits 100% right with me. The betrayal and it’s consequences we’re just too great to ever be forgiven in my opinion, even if Aren can come to terms with it for the community it was too much.

  14. I agree with the betrayal and it’s consequences being to great for forgiveness. I feel like their love is not great enough to warrant that forgiveness. I also don’t love the characters nearly enough to want to “fight for them” for a whole second book.

  15. Not every book can be a winner for every reader, DNF it and go find your next book hang over!

  16. If you’re a Grace Draven fan you might be interested to know she’s been diagnosed with cervical cancer and has a go fund me for medical expenses she’s struggling to fund!

  17. Just read it you won’t regret it. Don’t go near the ACOTAR sub though until you’ve finished the 2nd one at a minimum. There are some brilliant twists and turns. DO NOT look up fan art either.

  18. The Bridge Kingdom Danielle Jensen, duology we’re 3rd and 4th book are a different couple. The Winter King C L Wilson stand along but 2nd book is a diff couple And theres always the Ice Planet Barbarian Series by Ruby Dixon, once you’ve read the first one you can pick and choose which others you want to read based on tropes All recs are MF high fantasy dual pov

  19. If I like an author who connect every series of her, and we see characters from previous series in new one (like Joanna Shupe, Lisa Kleypas and Sarah macLean), I might like...

  20. Miscommunication/misunderstanding. When the whole “conflict” or climax of the story line could have been avoided had one person just say, “hey I saw you speaking to a man in a cloak who was that?” Rather than “she has betrayed me talking to a spy I’m going to wage war now”. If it could be resolve by a simple convo please do so. We have to imagine there people manage kingdoms/army/business but can’t ask an open clarification question? The worst

  21. Similar to this, when a character says “I can’t do/tell them ——“. First of all, no, you’re CHOOSING not to communicate. Secondly, you’re making assumptions about the consequences of saying/doing ——. Drives me mad when plots are pushed along simply because characters won’t communicate about clearly incorrect assumptions.

  22. Nah JLA lost me after The War Of Two Queens or whatever the 3rd FBAA was. Completely lost the plot.

  23. I’ve read the Infernal Devices trilogy probably 6 or 7 times, bought the graphic novels, and even got one of their phrases tattooed on my arm. Tessa, Will and Jem are my absolute favorite. Maybe it’s time to read them again. It’s been a few years.

  24. I don’t know how it’s done in QLD but I did one in vic a while ago. You fill out your part then you put in the fathers email and it sends them a notification from births deaths marriages to fill out theirs. You could call your version of BDM and ask then you only need his email and don’t actually communicate.

  25. I know there are a few events (and AUS is Hooooge) but some folks down there do/are involved with events although some are medieval rather than renaissance

  26. The keyword you may be looking for is "Medieval Market" which is sort of a more historically inspired Renfaire (the ones in Europe often feature reenactments and lessons on historical crafting.) A quick google brings up an Austrailian facebook group. You can also search for keywords like Edwardian Balls, Victorian Ball/Village (especially around winter! We have one nearby called the Dickens Fair.) Try Bohemian parties, any art house parties will be full of people who love dressing up and making their own clothes. Good luck!

  27. I listened to it on the audible plus catalog. I thought it was great as a freebie! Would have been happy to have used a credit on it

  28. I read it on KOBO plus and was pleased it was free too. Like IMO it wasn't the best book, writing was a little stilted and lots of modern language for middle ages setting. But it fit the OPs request and I needed something sweet today and it totally fit that bill for me.

  29. There was another free one in the series based off a sibling which I liked too but didn’t go back for the rest which were $$. I might I just have so many on my TBR on Libby which are all free

  30. High school is hard because people are probably just attracted to (or open to being) what they are told in good looking in the media. It’s when we all start to mature a bit more that we develop our own tastes and things that float our boat. One thing I’ve learnt from reddit is people are into all sorts of things. Just check out some of the more niche NSFW subs that have THOUSANDS of members. I for example have a c section scar. You can imagine my surprise to find the NSFW c section sub when looking for answers to a question. What I’m saying is, you might not be someone’s cup of tea now, but you will be

  31. I would have loved that but it would have been canned for being to easily resolved. I enjoy low stakes fantasy sometimes.

  32. Hooley dooley The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne is for you! HR, M/F. FMC and her first love meet when they are in an orphanage before he gets unfairly sent to prison. 15 years later an associate of the first love from prison who is the MMC tracks her down to protect her, he is the London crime lord and found out someone wants to put a hit out on her. There’s an amazing twist and I love how the MMC actually gets a really in-depth back story which is really well developed however massive content warning for

  33. Hot tip for cheaper materials - buy bed sheets, the width is 2-3x wider than garment fabric and same quality for 1/4 the price with lots of great patterns and prints. Bonus for buying op/thrift shop bed sheets!

  34. I love this list an am about half way though but would you be able to edit it for formatting to make it easier on the reader x

  35. I feel like I mention it daily in here but if you like c l Wilson lord of the fading lands check out The Winter King by the same author

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