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  1. i said "roblox sucks" and everyone got mad and took great offence to it

  2. staying up all night and doing the same thing every time they stay up

  3. when i hear some say "daddy" it doesn't sound right lol

  4. for my discord i was watching TheTicketRealm on YouTube and he was doing something on discord and i was at the time thinking of making a discord account but the dude i saw had his user as 'SAND' and i wanted something similar so i chose "Chalk" but now it's "Cocaine" literally a salt substance similar to sand basically

  5. i'm gen z and being told by other people my age that gen z is best

  6. hearing a random lawn mower or some loud noise every now and then, 3 am it's all quiet and then hearing the walls creek slightly is scary as shit

  7. theres nothing after death so living to the fullest is what i think

  8. Was it something precious enough? Jk

  9. that's not a problem for me as it's mandatory in Australia, mandatory seat belt laws are great it's just putting into the buckle and it's all done

  10. working as a mall security guard couldn't imagine getting hard then having more problems

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