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  1. Can’t find her, just others with the name lol. @?

  2. That's abusing the refund system. Do it often enough and you'll lose your refund privileges altogether. And before you say it, yes you can refund for any reason, but that's not a free pass to demo everything that looks interesting. You should still do your research before committing to buying a game, and refunds should be the rare exception.

  3. I don’t think this is true. I’ve refunded a LOT of games over the years (1-3 a week) and still have privileges.

  4. You refund 1-3 games a week, but only have over 400 games in your account? So, you refund the vast majority of your purchases then?

  5. A severe addiction to spending money on games that I never even launch a single time.

  6. The car scene has the mom sitting on the sons lap while talking to the dad who is driving. He slips it in during the ride

  7. Has there been any news of a release date for Persona 5 royal on pc?

  8. I'm going to seem like a numerology div myself now, but this stuff reminds me a lot of the enneagram, a kind of personality test that fits under the umbrella of Christian spirituality. Given the nine personality types they're describing, this stuff is probably lifted directly from the enneagram.

  9. This is an awesome story, and you’re a great writer. That period of your life sounds fucking hilarious! I would very much so like to read more of your adventures with your old boss.

  10. Does anyone know if there’s dualsense haptic trigger support?

  11. Thanks, doesn’t work with latest version though on this crack. Need to use the v4 beta 1 cracked server launcher with the latest v5 patcher

  12. The Witcher 3. I enjoyed it without playing the other 2 (the gameplay mechanics put me off them), but I definitely feel I missed out on the backstory.

  13. I never played 1 or 2 but felt as though much of that was simply world building— although to be fair I have read all of the books that are currently out so that definitely helped.

  14. There's still going to be one repo per platform/project. I feel like saying they have 6,000 repos is misleading when they're all copies of their actual repos.

  15. A very common practice in open source contribution is forking the upstream for a single patch

  16. Right. What I'm saying is that it's misleading to say that they have 6k repos if 99.9% of them are forks.

  17. Yeah, no doubt. This particular magnet is very popular right now, I’m at 12GB downloaded with 108GB uploaded after adding it to my moderately powerful seedbox 25ish minutes ago. Keen to sus it out myself.

  18. Artists and creative types in general are uninhibited people.

  19. Got a source on creativity and inhibitions? Genuinely curious, I feel I go through a similar process during hypo/manic episodes as someone with bipolar disorder II.

  20. It is but it’s enhanced and separated, the album will sound identical practically, unless he’s STILL changing it

  21. Will that even push 128kbps? I want a FLAC webrip. Very least Spotify 320kbps

  22. It’s his appointment only fashion boutique he opened in NYC

  23. You really askin for health advice in an online kanye forum?

  24. Nah just trying to gauge other people’s experiences.. I’m already schedule to get it Monday

  25. Aye well if u not trolling, good looks. Any argument made against getting it is quite pathetic.

  26. Vast majority of that sub is 14 years old max, petty & pedantic

  27. Could be a harness he needed to remove his sweatshirt / whatever he was wearing for. Could just as likely be a stunt double.

  28. Because FLAC is like listening to music 2.0. I need that lossless high fidelity

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