1. Ignore him. SF is a great city and honestly there is a lot more to experience in SF than Bozeman. Also keep in mind that it will be “off-season” weather in Bozeman. That said, you really can’t go wrong with either.

  2. They did jam. They were one of the OGs and influenced your favorite jam bands (some quite heavily).

  3. Fast with Ultegra, cables showing and computer mounted above bar height? Good luck.

  4. Steph is a smart dude. Him saying “mostly optimistic” is very concerning. It’s also a message to the front office to get the trade machine ready.

  5. There is no “best”, only favorites. I’ll go with Head On/Pill as my favorite.

  6. best as in your opinion, i havent listened to fill your lungs yet actually, i heard that one was good, ive been meaning to check it out

  7. He’s extremely close. The whole “enforcer” thing is kinda outdated in today’s spaced out game and other than occasional defense, he doesn’t bring much to the table.

  8. Have your hygienists bubble wrap it and deliver to your doorstep. This isn’t hard.

  9. It’s great. I do wonder what Jerry would think as he didn’t seem too keen on some new music trends (said rap “is not music”).

  10. dude I’ve ridden many fondos that are every bit as if not more competitive than local P/1/2 races, meaning, they are races for the front and fun riding events for the masses. Good format IMO

  11. Still not a race. And the problem with these is you get really strong P1/2 people combined with dudes have never raced and think they’re strong because of Swift etc.

  12. Why are you being downvoted? If no one is keeping official tabs on who's coming in first through 20th, and there are no prizes/medals, it's not a race.

  13. I don’t know lol. I think some people who have not raced but have done fondos might be sensitive about the naming…

  14. Uc: I don't know anything about this sub except that reddit thinks I wanted to see it

  15. Uc: I did not know that sub was a thing and a quick glance at a few threads surpassed my expectations for batshit crazy.

  16. Vegas was a hot show pretty much start to finish. Just fun and fast…the setlist was perfect for Vegas. EoA and AIN were stellar.

  17. Don’t spend a single second thinking about the haters. It’s pointless and a waste of time.

  18. Poorest dentist ever…can’t even afford to take a hygienist with him on rides.

  19. You can hear the music very well right behind the Greek, but you won’t be able to see anything. I used to live around there and I’d walk my dog behind the venue for shows I couldn’t attend (e.g. Radiohead). The sound is decent…not perfect, of course, but not terrible.

  20. Horrible tactics and unnecessary force for an extended period. I don't know if I even saw anyone pull out a pair of handcuffs

  21. OK “detective”. This says a lot about you. Let me guess…Rodney King and George Floyd…also overhyped?

  22. Just opened Reddit and already found the dumbest comment I’ll read all day.

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