1. Pick 40 in a 16 team league is huge. Take it. Start up drafts mean more than every other draft to come

  2. are you in a window of competing in the next few years? im almost thinking you go JSN and try to trade for RBs next year when you can make a playoff run

  3. Probably in next few years. 16 team league makes it hard to get RBs and they’re valued heavily since there aren’t many high end options

  4. I'm taking JSN over Gibbs but in your situation I'd try to trade down a spot or two and try to nab Charb.

  5. interesting - do you have a solid TE option? 16 team makes this a bit tricky - I would think you go RB due to the scarcity at the position. you theoretically could have two monsters in G.Wilson and Jamo with flex plays in Burks and Dotson. That is 4 first round capital WRs entering their second year. grabbing a solid RB should open up your window for this year and next. I imagine RBs are expensive to buy, so it may be cheaper to draft and compete. only logic behind grabbing JSN is if you prefer trading one of Burks/Dotson for an RB option you like better than Gibbs/Charbs. ultimately, it might be easy after the NFL draft

  6. Yep. RBs are expensive, just want to make sure I make the best move. TE is bad - i have otton. Have picks 2/15/21/26 and some later picks

  7. In the 16 team league (assuming start 9-10), so deep league, I think I want the better WR, and side A. Especially since we don’t know Gibbs landing spot or DC.

  8. 12 team SF. 1.01 or saquon, 1.06, 1.12

  9. Lol glad it’s not just me. Does it change your answer at all or no?

  10. Yeah I think it could. Who do you think he takes at 1.7?

  11. I’d want more to move down personally

  12. Get a solid older RB2 if you’re hurting there, frees you up to take BPA

  13. Guy that wants to trade has none haha 16 teamer makes it hard

  14. Posted a few times in these threads last week. I think the best offer I ended up with was GIVE Amari Cooper GET George Pickens. I'm rebuilding. I feel this might be the best I can get for him, but wonder if I'm selling too soon with Watson coming back? I don't think it's a bad trade by any means just torn I guess.

  15. I’d do it if rebuilding. I like Pickens a lot

  16. 1QB team is trending down, “best” WR on my team is Terry McLaurin

  17. Find a new league dude lol. That guy is going to win the next 10 seasons.

  18. Oddly enough his team is average. They don’t always produce the same weeks. He also likes to deal players off. Pitts start meh too… never know! He’s only won the league once out of 4 years

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