1. I think it depends of the terminals and time of the day, I think international flights or connecting are so much worse. That’s just my guess, I’m just glad not to have been one of those families who missed their flight

  2. The biggest cock-up I've had recently is booking all the flights for my next trip WAY too early. I was able to lock in a good price for the most expensive leg of the trip, which is good, but the number of flight changes and cancellations has been quite the headache. In the end, I won't lose any money but I have had to rearrange my itinerary in ways that I would likely have done differently if I'd had a crystal ball.

  3. Has flying this summer been as bad as I've read in the news? Part of me wanted to spontaneously go to this festival but this puts me off...

  4. Would've been surprised if he wasn't an immigrant

  5. Wasn't your worst terrorist attack literally from a "native?" And there was some other "native" who murdered his own adopted sister for being Asian and was planning a terrorist attack? Assholes come in every background.

  6. Lol the worst terrorist in Norway was a white dude and wasn't there that other white guy who killed his Asian adopted sister because she was Asian? It's not always the same people. I believe those two guys got off on being "ethnically" Norwegian.

  7. Book everything with my bank card so that I get travel insurance included :p

  8. Non Europeans, please stay the hell away from those Euronet machines though.

  9. not sure how much it'll help. The people who will be most affected by the bans will be the ones without means to travel.

  10. Can't believe we are at a point when people might need to use GoFundMe to fund an abortion but will most likely be punished for seeking one out. My understanding is some states will go through your internet search history and will punish women who try to get one...some of this is even worse than pre Roe v Wade btw, we are literally entering an era when some women will be jailed because an abortion will be classified as murder. I hope some of what I'm reading isn't true but I fear it is.

  11. Eh us Asian Americans aren't so fat :)) that being said, people always can't believe we are American lol

  12. i appreciate your input! thanks for sharing all of that :) and i'm sorry to hear about your experience in the city. an east asian woman in my city was set on fire while waiting for a bus so i have also been on guard more than usual as well.

  13. I wouldn't avoid the subway but if you are uncomfortable, I understand. There's certain stops that are iffier than others and I know that is difficult to figure out for newcomers.

  14. I generally go everywhere and feel varying degrees of safety...NY is such a big city and filled with so many people that it's really about the moments and that's why you have to generally be aware of your surroundings. For example, I feel safe in most of Queens but sometimes it gets super crowded on certain blocks or areas so the chance of coming across a weird person can be higher...like a lot of cities, the big train stations (ie: Penn Station) and bus station (Port Authority) has a lot of homelessness and most of them are non violent and nice but a few really struggle with mental health issues and can be violent. The city has also generally gotten more violent. It's still way safer than the 80s but in terms of recent history, it's gotten worse. Some of the areas that are statistically the most unsafe are usually not where tourists go because they tend to be fair out.

  15. Lazy, poorly written jokes are hurting comedy more than cancel culture. Also, when is the last time someone truly got cancelled? Even Louis CK is doing shows these days.

  16. Isn’t cancel culture just the phrase shitty people use to deflect from their shitty actions?

  17. Pretty much. I had an Uber driver complain to me once that he used to be able to make sexist joes against women and everyone knew it was a joke and that he couldn't do that anymore. He proceeded to spend the whole ride saying racist and sexist things to me and my boyfriend (thinking he was being funny).

  18. Weird, it's in my absolute bottom five. And the most boring country I've ever visited, maybe except for Liechtenstein

  19. I’m older than most on this sub, and 9/11 has lots of meaning for me. I had friends that worked in the WTC but got lucky because they were out of town or not at work that day, and my wife used to work in 2 WTC. That said, I thought Come From Away was just ok. I appreciated the skill of the cast, but most of the music was too folksy for me. I kept waiting for clogging or square dancing to break out. I personally always thought it was mostly for tourists leaning toward the red hat side of the political spectrum.

  20. My partner and I lean towards the progressive/Democrat camp (I hate the two party system but definitely our values align more blue) and we still liked it. My family and classmates knew people who died due to the attacks so it is pretty personal to us too...

  21. Your argument literally goes both ways you ignorant clown. When racism and hate against asians is so casually accepted and ignored in anyone’s own country yet they complain when they receive the same treatment in asia. Or use any combination of nations. Classic [insert any country] psychology.

  22. Don't feed the trolls. These people are the same types who justify grandmas getting killed or beat up by saying "but Asians are the most racist." I've learned a long time ago that they are worthless arguing with because they are just secretly or not so secretly racist against Asians and just want to virtue signal their way out of it. They are the same type of people who will say F the CCP to hide their racism against Chinese or Asian people sometimes ...then you go through their comment history and it's a ton of racist comments. I've seen countless posters like this on Reddit.

  23. I used to go to a lot of Broadway shows but haven't recently for various reasons. Some of it is saving money but also some of it is wanting to spend my money supporting Asian artists and causes more, as I am Asian American and have seen how invisible we are, generally speaking. Broadway unfortunately isn't the best place to see Asian stories or artists and I have limited funds. I would rather donate to people like Zhiwen Yan's family who are suffering due to his murder than see shows and spaces that barely give Asian people a thought.

  24. I challenge the NYC expensive part. It’s true overall prices are probably more expensive here. But any city listed here is still pretty expensive and there are lots of cheap options in NYC. Eat pizza slices, at bodegas, walk around parks. These are cheap/free. The cost of a subway ride here is $2.75 to go ANYWHERE. Most other cities (especially DC) you need to pay based off how far you go. There are lots of free museums in DC, that’s true but that’s mostly along The Mall. In NYC, if you’re staying for three weeks, you could explore parks for days and still not see them all. You could take one subway ride to a part of town, eat at a bodega in a park, walk along a waterfront, and one subway ride back. That’s a day and really pretty cheap, all things considered. So yes, the way most people think of NYC is expensive but there are lots of ways to enjoy the city and live on a budget, it just takes more planning. I honestly believe compared to most cities with anywhere near the public level of NYC, you’d end up paying just as much if not more. That’s my two cents. No matter where you go, I hope you enjoy!

  25. The most expensive part of NY will definitely be accomodation and for what you pay, the quality is terrible but that's not just a NY issue, the US has so much expensive, mediocre places to sleep in. Everything else though, there's such a huge range. Foodwise, there's so many good, affordable eats in Queens and so many free events. Museums often are pay as you wish on certain days.

  26. I experience this in the Netherlands all the time... and I'm not just talking about boarding a train.

  27. This is definitely way more of a thing in some European countries. People will cut you in line or push you and won't apologize. I always wondered if it's because I'm visibly East Asian and a woman so maybe they think I'm nonthreatening but judging from this thread, I guess it's way more common! Ironically I always hear people bitching about Chinese tourists and I've been to 40 plus countries and the ones cutting and pushing me the most have been Europeans and mainly white Europeans as opposed to POC. I've even had the experience of being in Japan and having Europeans cut me in line there lol.

  28. Exactly this. I've gotten burned staying at shitty places that had great reviews, and I'm not wealthy either. One time I was with an older relative who had traveled to meet me, was looking forward to the trip... the place wasn't horrible but smelled like mold, the shower didn't drain etc.

  29. This is so true. I rarely write bad reviews on AirBnb because it's SO awkward, especially if the host is really friendly and I engage with them a lot. I stayed in an AirBnb in Paris and while the apartment was super nice, it was so uncomfortable staying there for a variety of reasons. I wasn't planning on leaving a review but then my host wrote me a message asking me to leave one for him...and I wrote a positive one because like I said, it's SO awkward...the only time I've felt comfortable about writing a negative review on Airbnb that truly deserved it was when I actually didn't meet the host at all. This being said, when I read AirBnb reviews, I'm always so grateful for the honest guests (I've been saved by reviews from women who will say, they didn't feel safe in the neighborhood) or ones where people say they couldn't sleep because it was just so loud.

  30. I usually try not to leave bad reviews if it's something minor (like a bad breakfast that was offered) or if I think the person might have just had a bad day...this being said, I think it's important to leave a review for the following:

  31. There are mass shootings in Tulsa 10-15 times a year, you just care today because it’s South Tulsa and not North

  32. People seem to care more about shootings when it also effects more upper class people...sadly, violence is sort of seen as "normal" in less advantaged areas so people get numb to it...

  33. My guess is they probably had insane medical debt, family member died there, some diagnosis cost the shooter something important, or because sick patients can’t run easily.

  34. Or someone getting fired? Or a romance gone wrong? It could be a whole bunch of things.

  35. I have travelled a lot in the United States of America, and the nature over there is just breathtaking. I did however also visit New York. At first sight it was almost overwhelming, as I am from a small city in Denmark. After a couple of days, I seriously just wanted out of all the hassle & people - a great city indeed, but in my humble opinion, I would must rather visit San Francisco or San Diego again, way more chill. ☺️

  36. I always thought New Orleans is the best city to be a tourist. NY is better to live (if you can afford it)...you need time to get to know the different neighborhoods and discover the city.

  37. yeah i find that Euros are reserved the only exceptions would be Italians.

  38. Pretty much the warmer a country gets, the warmer the people get (I've found). The shittier the weather is, the crankier the people get. Not always true but more often than not...

  39. This is fascinating and I love it. As a side note, I hope this isn't rude but your English is really really good. It sounds like it's your first language. Is it?

  40. -_- You don't know the history of India, do you? The colonization and all that? There's a reason why Indians speak good English and Indonesians I know speak good Dutch, for example.

  41. Glad you enjoyed it. For whatever reason, I couldn't click with Prague. I tried three times, stayed in different areas...the only thing I really enjoyed was the Cross Club. I'm thinking of giving it another go but I'm not sure...some cities just don't click with you for whatever reason. I would choose Budapest any day of the week.

  42. Good food? Good to know. I was in Prague about 20 years ago and good food was hard to find. Fortunately the beer was so good it didn’t matter.

  43. I'm sure the beer helps to mask the bad food? At least, I didn't remember terrible meals..keke this all being said, the food is SO heavy, my goodness, I'm guessing locals don't eat the stuff served at restaurants all the time because if they did, they would all be fat. Central European food is so heavy for me and like unctuous.

  44. Imagine being hardworking immigrants, leaving your entire life behind, worked hard build a better life in a new country, in your 60s and ready to retire... only for some racist scumbags to torture and execute you. This makes me so angry because my parents had the same path as Jenny and Bao Lam.

  45. There's a ton of Black people who think that the videos of Asians getting attacked are "a lie," that Black people can't be racist because they are oppressed and know what that's like, and *cough* Latasha (that girl who got shot in the shop). -_- Therefore, all the murders of Asians is somehow justified or "not real."

  46. America is probably the last place Asians should retire. I've looked into murder statistics of Asians in America, and it's all too common for old Asians to be murdered. This was even before the pandemic.

  47. I think this is especially true in cities...I really worry for the elderly Asians in cities.

  48. I feel for the victims’ families. Yes, they got justice, but they’ll still never get their loved ones back.

  49. It's just horrifying and makes me so angry. I hope these assholes stay locked up forever and rot in hell.

  50. Of course it was...police like to call this "opportunistic crime" but there's a reason so many Asian immigrants are targeted...and none of this shit is new, this has been going on WAY before Covid.

  51. You're lucky you can say that. As an Asian female in the US I have experienced a fair amount of both intentional and blatant racism along with the ignorant racism. The worst of it was actually while I lived in the south. That was just my experience, I know everyone's is different.

  52. I've experienced racism everywhere (am also an Asian woman). I think a lot of people view us as unthreatening and it gives them free reign to say racist, vile shit. 90% of the nasty comments I hear are from men too so I do think there's a level of misogyny involved as well.

  53. I forgot that H/D didn't win silver, that's how forgettable Dikita's programs were!

  54. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I kind of feel like all top 3 are sort of forgettable! C/B stick out to me the most as well as some other performances but I'm not an ice dance judge so maybe I'm just stupid. :P

  55. Why’d you try Bucharest again?

  56. An old friend of mine lives there...I dislike it SO much that I'm not sure when I'm going to see him again. I know some people love Bucharest but for some reason, I had some really bad luck there.

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