1. What's the cost associated in using your extension?

  2. Free to use. Will monetize for pro features aimed at the top 5% of users.

  3. You have free plan but still needs to login?

  4. I created this in 15 minutes using ChatGPT’s help. The source code is here:

  5. Tried using Perplexity AI chrome extension with the same

  6. Thanks! I’ll definitely be working on it over the next week or two trying to improve the design and features. Once it’s approved by the extension store I will keep it free for as long as I can with my API 😁

  7. Was about to install bluf on my google chrome and muzu which was mentioned by indiebryan

  8. Nice I hadn't heard of Perplexity, it seems like a neat search engine! The nice thing with BLUF is that you can have a conversation with it. It's not just one question.

  9. Haven't tried it myself with Perplexity but I think that's where their

  10. Congrats on making a product that sells! It is a very rare thing to do, most startups and websites fail.

  11. One is that you'll still have to login in order to engage with the chatbot.

  12. What about wordpress, with a clean minimal theme, and some kind of post-by-email plugin? Looks like jetpack have such

  13. Awesome - I'll look into it further. But upon checking it briefly I think it has the same function as hey world.

  14. Could you remove the links (and reply to me so I can re-approve)? This looks more like link-farming than an actual inquiry.

  15. Sorry but am purely asking and I am not associated or even an affiliate of Hey WORLD. Purely asking for free or open source alternative that I can use in my own blog project.

  16. Yes, of course. Every trends are being fetched from real sources, not from fake API

  17. btw are you thinking of getting its own domain? as kinda like it's easy to forget with its current domain

  18. yes, thank you for this feedback. I am actually planning to buy its own domain soon ...

  19. that'd be awesome. hope you maintain it for long also, thanks

  20. This is actually a straightforward service.

  21. Ironic to me that the fourth word in your post

  22. To add up, putting a lot of effort and times into registering a domain and setting up a website especially for newbie website owners are just a waste of time.

  23. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this with me. I draw a lot of inspiration from your words. Your suggestions have echoed something that I have read on one of the other comments already (a little) and I'm seeing a bit of a pattern. I do have the capacity to do some project work and you're right, that is the best way to get started. I think I will start by finding engineering private projects that I can do of my own and documenting them then seeing if I can garner interest in businesses. Thanks again.

  24. I think this is a very valid question especially if you're already tired or used to...

  25. I have a 6 and 3 year old. They love an escalator ride (and window elevator). We can go to the mall and kill an hour or 2.

  26. She obv found her passion for kids and that's awesome!

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