Girl brings home boyfriend.

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  1. That's a product of scanning for the negative. My family does this. Looks for ANYthing to criticize because that's how they're programmed.

  2. Why not? Isn't it about finding out who you are and who you are not?

  3. I don't know much about how being Dominican would affect this, please explain?

  4. Latinos tend to be more affectionate physically, what's weird for some it's not weird for us

  5. It actually changed it for me. Latinos are very culturally affectionate. Source: am.

  6. Sorry I forgot to put the song in there, I commented it in reply to someone else’s comment but it’s Morgan wallens version of cover me up!

  7. Well I'm sitting here thinking whether the universe is still giving me signs...And our origin story starts with another Jason Isbell song. I'm claiming this one.

  8. Ngl sometimes I tried convincing myself this, and to just detach fully so they can no longer come to mind. I’m easily an out of sight of mind type also normally pretty prideful and cut easily anyone off that’s disturbed my peace. But in this connection it seems impossible also have never chased and gone back to someone like this. It’s also almost like I already knew them or met them before when I first met them.

  9. I could've written this. I've had many relationships where I've felt that limerance, but it was always trying to convince myself that the person was good for xyz reasons. The moment my pride is damaged, that person is energetically completely done in my view. From really small things sometimes!

  10. I cannot do a friendship with my twin and I've told him this. The romantic feelings are too overwhelming and I can't imagine ever feeling just friendly toward him. Just love? Sure. But not any type of love I'd want to have in my life if I had another romantic partner. That feels like cheating.

  11. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. Have a list of things you're always grateful for (and feel strongly about) and start listing them for yourself when you're in bad energy. Gratitude is a direct shortcut to the love energy.

  12. And being aware when these feelings of anxiety arise. As soon as you feel stressed, acknowledge it, become consciously aware of it, then proceed without projecting but focusing on the task at hand. Awareness is everything in the moment.

  13. And not to encourage OP to do it, but given your handle and my lifestyle...weed helps 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Not living in the UK, but how do I follow your research?

  15. Wonderfully kind of you. If it's not too much trouble, please do! Best of luck on it!

  16. No one has more power over your energy than you do. Believe that.

  17. Both. Think about the tropes you go at ahead about Black women - it’s always strong & independent… which we are and can be. Praise is heaped on Quad for doing it by herself … yet Toya is belittled as dumb ( even though she has a degree & a deal with Kendall Jackson wineries - which is no small feat). Why is she dumb - because she stays home and takes care of her family ? They harp on the fact that she doesn’t have an out of the home job … yet she’s busting ass every day to maintain that household .

  18. "Praise is being heaped on Quad." I see why you'd think that. But I just want to point out that Quad is the one who keeps repeating it (and so do her indoctrinated family members). I genuinely can't stand Quad, though, so I've noticed her gamesmanship with framing the narrative from jump.

  19. First off - I hear and see you and completely get what you’re saying . We usually get “angry Black woman”. And you’re spot on about Quad ! Spot on

  20. I relate to the meme but can't see past the Mantzoukas of it all.

  21. I actually disagree with this. I fast forward her parts at this point. She just lives in her own little universe of skewed truths, and it's uncomfortable to watch.

  22. You can tell because he's adept at manhandling the drones. (ngl I almost peed myself when he shut the beak 😂😂)

  23. Your comment of "America." leaves little room for other interpretation.

  24. Have you never been on the internet? It's called irony, my dog.

  25. Isn't the only real difference between the two that MLMs are not allowed to require you to pay for starter kits but still have revenue models that operate on the up/downline and not the actual product

  26. Wow so it turns out all I need is 6 months off work in another country away from everybody I know. Who knew it was so simple.

  27. Kudos to this guy, but does anyone else question the sustainability of this? He literally needed to become a hermit and make working out a full time job. And, hey, losing 10 stone is frickin’ amazing! But it also seems REALLY extreme

  28. He didn't need to become a hermit. He chose to because other things didn't work for him. It does seem extreme.

  29. Oof, I absolutely was praised for being "very adult and mature" all through school, yet as an actual adult I feel more childlike and immature than ever. It wasn't that I was aware of adolescent attitude and chose to rise above it, it was that I really didn't understand or relate to the behavior of my peers.

  30. The day that I, as a 30+ person, realized I was emotionally a child... That was a rough day.

  31. I am over Quad.... she is sucking the life out of this show. Then Anila and her fake robberies and imaginary blog. I cannot.

  32. Agree with every word, including the about-face on Contessa this year. The moment she started engaging in the storylines outside her home, she got super bearable and even funny.

  33. I could talk about M2M and all the past great seasons time and time again.

  34. It's on purpose so people click into the comments. It's why a lot of people misspell things on purpose, too. Because some people can't help themselves but to discuss it! Hah

  35. The energy swings have been wild. For the last week or so I'd been in a complete void. Was completely disconnected from him energetically. Then this morning I wake up and all I can think of is his touch and I can't stop being in my head about it.

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