1. BBL Hobart Hurricanes part time WK

  2. Wait 911... Wait sir, please listen this guy right here is a fan of CR7. Please help him. Dire times in both fans and player's life. This officer, this post right here.

  3. Yu to main Dikhatha nahi Par world Cup mere hi 3 hain Mari maa - probably ponting

  4. As a captain 2. 99 was with Waugh. 2 CT as a captain as well

  5. English Cricket is on a clutch off late.

  6. Holding both LOI trophies at the same time is not a fluke, they've been the best limited overs side for a while now.

  7. When did I say that was fluke? They bat till 10 out of playing 11. Class apart

  8. Jokes aside, Srikar Bharat will be very good. He has been with the squad with little longer now. He's indeed good.

  9. Kohli is less taller than Hayden. Until we don't meet next time

  10. Chill buddy. I have been Argentina fan since 2010. Plenty of heartbreaks since 2014,2015,16,18... Finally I've found peace. It all comes together. But luck is needed.

  11. That means you need to change your team brother. That ain't a team that's shithouse. Atleast nowadays RCB also qualifies and play Semifinals. PBKS selection and chop off thing is the worst ever. The lowest team in my books. Just one finals that too almost a decade ago in Sehwag era

  12. I love how Di Maria’s reaction is the same in each video lol

  13. Nah man. The one from 2014 was so heartbreaking imagine not playing and watching lose.

  14. Germany won by a lucky stint by Götze. The game was equally matched no one deserved more or less

  15. Han Bhai. Par sab software wale nahi. Average IT Salary 6lac hi h.

  16. Thala who? Thala me. Thala you. Thala in all. Koach in heart. ABD in kidney. Sanju in tears.

  17. Nice of Will take take it sportingly 😂

  18. But but bro PSL nambar 1 in world bro

  19. Kohli has already WC, CT and U19 WC. Wtf does England have? All they have is "It's c*mming home"

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