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  1. Ask around. The people that work or live nearby might surprise you with how much they know.

  2. I've done it, but it is not worthwhile. You could re-mount it persay if you like after...

  3. I was tripping and I had a great time. They sound like Death Grips which I love.

  4. That too. Haven't seen that movie in a while.

  5. It might be that I've been awake almost 24 hours and have been drinking, but I'm not sure what you're trying to say here lol.

  6. Samsies. I was just in my kitchen trying to remember what he said, what you quoted. Everything is still spinny though, so my thoughts wandered until they got to wondering if anyone had posted about the Denver show yet whilst making fried tequila shots, and bam. There you had it...

  7. Oh! Lol well sweet, glad I could help :) my husband got that part on video thankfully. Fried tequila shots sound amazing!

  8. So, neither place had them. Thanks anyhow though...

  9. That is a banana tree, and an overgrown weed in front of it. I often let them grow to see what flowers they develop.

  10. It's someone's personal magic. It can never, and will never mean anything to you. That's about it...

  11. This shit is the worst. What I do is plant a bunch of hemp around the main plants as decoys. Has been working well so far.

  12. Google Lens keeps suggesting Talinum fruticosum.

  13. Gracias! Looks quite promising. I'll look into it more after work. Really appreciate it.

  14. It looks like it would be ideal to score or cut paper or perhaps cloth.

  15. This is a calcaneus. By the shape I find it similar to

  16. I'm not sure how helpful it is, but you can see a bit of a cigarette lighter in the first pic. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.

  17. Ok, it is from a medium to big size animal then. I don't know for sure, but if not sheep, it could be from a deer maybe... Wait for more reliable opinions!

  18. Thanks! There are a lot of deer about, but also close to a graveyard that wasn't properly moved.

  19. Yeah, you want the plant to be able to support as much weight as possible, no matter how big you intend to grow it. It makes for a stable platform to work from. Be gentle with them always, but especially before the first few nodes. Higher light tends to create less stretch, however heat tends to stimulate stretch, at least at that stage, in my experience. So hot direct sun may not be best, a florescent light just above them tends to work quite well. The plants will always need time to adjust to light and temp changes, so be gradual about it when changing those variables, especially at a young stage, and going indoor to outdoor.

  20. Yeah be careful touching that tape now. With any luck you'll have it just fall off from watering/humidity. They are way fragile at that point. They can be planted deeper, so that some of the stalk is buried, and the foliage starting point is about an inch above soil, or where leaves aren't touching soil. When I do this, I generally only move the root structure a bit lower, then swirl the stem into a slinky shape and collapse it like a coil. The higher up the roots are, the better the root structure will develop.

  21. Once they are at 5-6 nodes then start twisting them. Let them become actual plants first. Jmo.

  22. It's already stretched, but you can plant it deeper from now and be fine, it won't develop AS good a root structure, but it will still develop one in the soil you add on top, just make sure it's also deep after second repot.

  23. Also if you do go to a lake or river, and you leave plastic (including your FUCKING weed canisters) I'll find your ass.

  24. I really dig how you got extra use out of the watermelon, now through in the compost...

  25. Oh, it's in the compost, never fear. Its first homegrown friend is currently the size of my fist.

  26. I tried some this year but none of them made it through a late frost. Guess my pumpkins will have to suffice...

  27. My grandmother had one with the same pattern...trippy to see it, nostalgia....

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