Man got stuck in sticky black Asphalt, for a whole night

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  1. I think a literal A+++ tier star would have to pass away tragically while still playing in order for that to happen.

  2. How many times has this been posted? It kind of makes me miss the memes about the Schrodinger's cat

  3. If you have more than 0 bpm, you're fine. Just walk it off.

  4. Isn't it ironic that the English-speaking country, would be so deficient when it comes to Eaglish...

  5. Gods are much better than humans at skeeball. But the rewards are underwhelming. I recommend basketball.

  6. This screams starving to me idk I’m pretty sure there used to be a hell of a lot more sharks and seals for them to hunt

  7. You can tell this is fake because there are full crates of tomato soup on the shelf. Walmart is LITERALLY ALWAYS out of Great Value tomato soup.

  8. There is no worse place in a hospital than a burn unit. My mom was septic for a week and her skin basically died.. so she spent her last week in the burn unit so wound specialists could treat her. That place was hell. People were crying and screaming constantly. Wound care is very painful and gruesome and takes a saint of a nurse to do that job.

  9. The part of the maternity ward where they keep all of the seriously ill infants, preemies, those with horrific genetic deformities, orphaned-at-birth, etc. is pretty brutal too. My parents straight up left me at the hospital for three days because they thought I was the literal antichrist. I don't consciously remember any of it but am emotionally scarred in ways that no sane person could ever comprehend.

  10. Because any time Africa is mentioned like that it has a clear racist angle lol.

  11. Africa has something like 95% of all human diversity, because of the

  12. The title is misleading (as media usually is).

  13. There's no way this was accidental. Not this many attacks in the same area. A calf must have been fatally wounded by a boat or something and now they're out for revenge.

  14. I wonder how many different species that whale carcass fed before it ended up at this point.

  15. It was un-nammed because the Vietnam war hadn't happened yet. All warplanes at the time were un-nammed.

  16. I met a raven at Bryce canyon who had learned how to pose for pictures in front of dramatic scenery to get treats from tourists.

  17. One weird trick for instant weight loss! Legitimate doctors hate him!

  18. I love (∫[T{0-∞}][Planckian Locus{T}]). (∫[T{0-∞}][Planckian Locus{T}]) is the only color.

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