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  1. Honestly KotOR is the reason I’m a Star Wars fan. Brother picked it up because he likes SW, hated the game. I played it and fell in love. I’ve never even seen the original trilogy and don’t particularly care to. In fact I’ve only seen 3 Star Wars movies at all.

  2. nah, it's uncreative, a-i generated sounding, bland, corporate, old navy music.

  3. Yeah he uses pretty basic proven formulas for his songs, but I admit that I find his voice appealing

  4. It is, but get used to seeing it on every Reagan thread

  5. Una vez hice road trip alla con mis papás cuando mas morro, y la verdad si esta chida la experiencia

  6. De morrillo viaje de Zacatecas a Oaxaca en carro y es una de mis memorias favoritas. Pena que ya no sea tan seguro hacer eso

  7. Just a friendly reminder that the use of avian creatures is prohibited by law

  8. Lol same with soccer teams. He’s worn Chelsea, arsenal, United and Liverpool, plus a bunch others

  9. You’re having trouble finishing and all the sudden Donna comes in screeching OHHHHH YEEEAEEAAAAH to save your night

  10. caught them and disclosure at the bill graham earlier this year and I thought I wouldn’t regret not going this year.. I was wrong

  11. I prefer 1v2s honestly. If you pull it off you feel like good, if you don’t it’s good practice. The 4v1s in HvV are what are annoying, like you might as well go play co op if all you wanna do is mow down enemies without a challenge

  12. It is. Sometimes I’ll just leave the match if my team is doing that

  13. Sure he’s the most powerful being in the galaxy but I have some cables

  14. Vader doesn’t even have legs that can get hurt by the cable whip

  15. This is setting up to be the worst World Cup for Mexico in my lifetime.

  16. What that’s, like 14 years? Mexico has always gone into tournaments with shithouse lineups and we end up playing alright. We started Bofo against Argentina then brought Cuauh in as a sub ffs. I’m not as pessimistic as a lot of people in this, not any more than I was in previous years.

  17. Bofo and Temo would be godsends for this roster. 2022 Tri simply cannot score goals.

  18. In their prime? Yes. How I remember them from the 2010 World Cup? No. Mexico hasn’t scored more than 4 goals in the last 5 World Cups, we haven’t exactly been very prolific scorers in the past either. I get that it’s easier to be pessimistic but the World Cup has always been a different monster, let’s support the team we have and hope for the best. Ironically I think tata still has the best win ratio of any modern manager, though his brand of futbol looks like dog shit

  19. And yet, just like last time, they refuse to center disabled trans women of color.

  20. Grandpa Bobby! It's nuts to me watching old Dead shows on YouTube and seeing him be the young fresh-faced kid and now he's the wise old sage passing the torch. That's the magic of Dead and Co to me, witnessing the music being taken on by the next generation

  21. Yes, considered by many to be the best. JRAD is short for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

  22. Catch JRAD live if you ever have the chance

  23. Fear of lawsuits is the express lane for getting anything done

  24. Or just maybe, a band who’s breakthrough album was titled “The Universe Smiles Upon You” are genuinely good people who actually give a shit about their fans and humanity.

  25. Im not saying they don’t. I’m sure most artists do but it’s being taken a lot more seriously now. I’ve had to get out of crowds to go get security to help out people who were passed out before the Travis Scott thing. Hell, last time I was at a Mac demarco concert he was crowd surfing and a bunch of people got crushed and got hurt, including my friend, and it just ended like nothing happened. I didn’t say that to be a dick, i love khruangbin, but the potential to ruin your image and go bankrupt has certainly changed the overall reaction in the industry. Im not just talking specifically about them.

  26. Yea Luke is gonna try to kill his nephew after a nightmare, same Luke that didn’t give up on darth Vader lol

  27. He pulled out his lightsaber and changed his mind last minute didn’t he? So he did consider it. This depressed island Luke is so out of character with the Luke we see in the OT and even the mandalorian. But anyway, I’m sure we both have heard enough about it

  28. Not surprising as they were almost bankrupt in 2017 and got an injection of cash from an angel investor. They also got another 75 million from Sirius last year.

  29. Hitting it on a weak spot with a ring in his finger

  30. I used to dislike beatles for sale but after a while it grew up on me. It's full of great songs

  31. I have the bolt. These grateful Fred emblems are great little nods to being a deadhead without screaming it.

  32. My stealie sticker i put on my car got destroyed by the sun and i couldn’t remove it, but you can still the outline of the logo and I love it even more now that it’s transparent

  33. Sure if you twist her reasoning from 'basically kill god to let free will and chaos reign' to 'trying to stop the war between jedi and sith'

  34. Let me manipulate some people to show them that manipulation is wrong

  35. NTA. Does he always act weird around you? Sounds like there’s a version of you he had in his head and you dared to taint by showing your shoulders

  36. Check out the seminal *Our Band Could be Your Life* by Michael Azerrad (it's mentioned in the article but only briefly) if you want more insight into their original run and how absolutely toxic Dino Jr. was in the '80s.

  37. Holy shit I never realized they were that old. When I listened to them in high school I thought they couldn’t more than a few years older than me

  38. I used to play it once every year, until my cousin played it on PC with all the restored content on it and I realized I wasn’t gonna spend another 100+ hours without the mods. One day I’ll play it again if I ever get a pc for gaming

  39. If they give you any trouble just be persistent. When Tribe Called Quest cancelled i managed to get them to give me another day ticket for the next day for free. I annoyed the shit out of them but it worked. SF has a crime problem and this sort of issue is something they should be prepared for. But like someone else mentioned, get there early

  40. I mean he seems to be really enjoying this ride, and who know maybe he brings spirit of the dead to another generation. The more people that can experience the joy this music can bring the better, and if John Mayer’s on lead I feel the music is in good hands.

  41. After the remainder of the dead have passed, hell tour with a new band Grateful Company

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