1. 50 per week is a pretty small number. So its very possible. Although we have no way of knowing if its true or not. Just that its feasible

  2. 50 per week is a pretty small number?

  3. This isn't some esoteric missile. It's the American cruise missile of past decades.

  4. I believe parts of this were previously seen, but this is fuller length video.

  5. Feels like I'm watching a crappy tv show that has some "in Mexico scenes".

  6. The only thing I am sure of after Arestovich speaks is that what he says is exactly what won't happen. So I'll guess Kherson will be still russian for at least this year.

  7. So the total cost of for rebuilding Ukraine is estimated to be upwards of a trillion dollars before all is said and done. I don't know exactly how that breaks down geographically, but I'd have to imagine that the frontline areas in the east and south (see: Mariupol) have taken the brunt of the damage, areas which Russia presumably plans to retain. So seems like a safe assumption that Russia would be looking at a 12 figure liability in that scenario.

  8. Big blue arrows and only small red arrows? Some one is going to be in trouble.....

  9. but the blue arrows aren't attacking arrows, they are blue reinforcing arrows with fresh meat to the grinder you see.

  10. With the help of Maxar Technologies, a space technology company from the United States, the Kiev regime is able to see massive fortifications in Kherson region that the Russian forces made. Such fortifications were built on the left bank of the Dnieper river. These fortifications help to defend Russian territory from Ukrainian aggression.

  11. Yo you believe these western, CIA infiltrated and operated "satellite imagining companies" to show you truth about the Russian military disposition? These photos are probably digitally manipulated.

  12. That works on two levels, amazing pun.

  13. Low quality post. One of these shells costs $50. An Excalibur costs $100,000

  14. I don't think a 152mm costs $50. That's just a bit higher than hand grenade prices.

  15. Considering there are laws put in place to prevent such actions from occuring to anyone in a war yes I'd obviously state it is wrong. As would any other sensible person.

  16. ... What a strange response.

  17. I just wasn't getting bamboozled by that question and saying anything about morals

  18. There was no bamboozling in the question...

  19. Bakhmut is just the latest episode the Emmy award winning series "Russians run head first into a wall until the wall gives up".

  20. That was when Kherson was a city worth fighting for. After they imported some well fed and paid folks from kiev for the victory shots and pr videos the actual kherson citizens had to be evacuated

  21. Only until the lights go out and water stops working.

  22. 400 rockets for the BM-21 Grad, that will be used in what? A single salvo?

  23. "wow this is pitifully small, we fire 50k artillery in a day haha only this small amount of weapons this will turn the tide surely" - Every Russian on every western arms shipment ever. And despite the sarcasm the tide has long since turned.

  24. Oh god charismas music invaded even our drone videos. That's the real enemy. It's still November!

  25. Your comment has been shadowbanned because you linked to a dotru website.

  26. lol, is this even related to the ukraine war?

  27. February - Huge convoys of tanks heading to Kyiv.

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