1. All oral contraceptions have resulted in either migraines or suicidal ideation and worsened depression and mood swings. I'm trying Nexplanon next month and I really, really hope this will be the one that helps. PCOS vs Bipolar symptoms and I feel like I lose either way

  2. Damn, Dom outlasted Edge in the faction Edge started. I love wrestling.

  3. Takes me back to middle school and doodling those heartagrams on everything. I barely listened to H.I.M, I just liked Viva La Bam haha

  4. I wonder if this poor girl has severe endometriosis or something, it can cause severe pain in places you wouldn't expect like hips and legs...I hope she figures it out and her parent stops being a dumbass.

  5. I had totally forgotten about this but I also used to swallow whole ice cubes as a kid. I liked that I could feel them traveling to my stomach.

  6. Ha, my dad used to keep me from chewing ice when I was little by telling me "When your uncle was your age he choked on an ice cube and almost died." When I was a little older said uncle kinda grumbled that it melted quickly and wasn't a big deal.

  7. My sister choked on a popsicle while sitting right next to us, we were talking and she was completely silent because real choking is terrifying as fuck. Thankfully it melted, but it scared the shit out of all of us

  8. Yeah, my dad is an older sibling and possibly babysitting when this happened, I'm sure it scared the shit out of him and probably remembers it a lot more clearly than my uncle who was 5 or 6 at the time.

  9. NTA If you can't acare the shit out of creeps with the presence of a Rottweiler, what are you allowed to frighten creeps with?

  10. I went to the doctor to get some bloodwork done because I had/have irregular periods. She never brings up my period, tells me my blood pressure is high and to cut out salt and lose weight and that should go down. I was like..."K, but I've had my period once this year and it lasted for 15 days." I had to go back another day to get my damn bloodwork done.

  11. Well, if he wants someone else to do the job, then have his suitcase ready for him when he gets home from the hospital.

  12. Scott Hall with a mustache looked like a completely different human.

  13. Not AEW, but he and Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match for the IC Title. Amazing.

  14. I'm sorry that was happening. I saw some of those comments and reported them but obviously it wasn't fast enough.

  15. Jesus, she sounds like a female Basil Fawlty. Completely enraged by a situation she created and escalated. Those poor random men.

  16. One thing I've done for reading slumps is to reread a book I already know I like, kind of gets the ball rolling again.

  17. Whenever someone gives me a "It's Merry Christmas, not happy holidays..." type spiel I usually ask "Oh, do you have something against New Year's?" Because no, they don't, and they sputter and can't come up with an answer. They just want to be oppressed and/or bigots.

  18. The first time I saw this meme I asked wtf why and a friend who knew a little about photoshop said it has something to do with how the light is reflecting off the peas, it wasn't corrected when they rotated it to fit the rest of the picture

  19. I think it depends on things like size of the school, the region the school is in, how important the sport is to the school/town (High school American football is a big, big deal in some places).

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