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  1. It's more interesting a lawyer wouldn't tell them otherwise lol. My lawyer was very clear about what can and can't be trademarked. They definitely can't make you change your last name and it's wild they think it applies outside of business.

  2. Or they are just used to the healer dispelling it so they had no idea they could remove it themselves.

  3. I rewatch stranger things once a year while I'm quality checking my merchandise lol

  4. That's a good question. I hope someone answers because I'd also like to know.

  5. I sell my 2 inch pins for $20 generally sometimes $30 depending on the effects. I have a 3.5 inch ornament that's $50 and others that are $20-$30.

  6. Don't some places just never raise rent on good renters who pay? I wonder if that's still a thing.

  7. Honestly I was thinking about how fast food and restaurants will be a thing of the past. I don't actually know how they can be sustainable.

  8. Sorry I just didn't have another picture on hand since I'm doing keys atm

  9. I'm shocked she's busy talking crap and not trying to resolve her problem so she's not out so much money for something she didn't need. Although it's even more wild the thinks she's gonna have surgery and do it alone.

  10. This is so accurate about my daughter and her friends it's scary lmao.

  11. Though note for ppl who might be on the app: Shinigami Eyes is flagging her as a TERF (perez, not the people in the thread)

  12. 40 and raining today in Northern Minnesota. Pretty abnormal indeed.

  13. Yeah this concerned me. I was pushing the water off my driveway so it wouldn't form ice more than it already had and realized my street was flooding and the snow was several feet high, blocking all our drains. I'm way more concerned about potential flooding than I was previously. Someone said this isn't normal for MN (I'm from the south) so.. yeah. I'm pretty sure a few winters ago it was -55 in Jan and not raining. And to think that was my worry. Heck it snowed earlier and now I hear rain again. I'm so confused and this will be dangerous if temps do drop and everything freezes.

  14. What really hit me the other day is when I saw an animated graph of the average planet temps/warming, and I realized that the year of me graduating high school, 2006 was 54.9°F average, and 2022 was 57.0°F. I mean, it's one thing to read about temperatures from 1,000 years ago, or 1850, or even 1980. But to see years that I vividly remember in my own life and experience so drastically and measurably different was a very poignant reminder that, in our own lifetime, a lot of our entire reality will change due to climate change. I suppose I can also say, without insult, that being 34 years old isn't that old on the timeline of a 1st world country and lifestyle. But when you see things like that, like a difference in temps in just a few years, it makes one feel old af. There isn't much time!

  15. Temps weren't my indicator. It was the bugs. I love cars and driving and over the years, I've had to clean my car of bugs less and less than prior years. I basically don't hit any bugs anymore. I knew it was coming from that alone. I graduated the same year 9/11 happened. So I'm not old or young but wtf.

  16. I don’t think it’s that bad, if anything I would say we are pretty well suited for grievous thanks to our focus on healing single targets being great triage against the dot. Of course I’m talking about holy here, disc definitely does not like this week.

  17. I struggle with AoE healing a lot. Fights that knock everyone down and then I need to get them back up fast. Maybe I'm geared wrong but it definitely feels awful especially on Fenrir lol.

  18. Most of our aoe healing is really just single target healing outside of sanctify and to a much lesser extend circle of healing, other than that you mainly rely on rotating heal and flash heal on 2 or 3 targets.

  19. Maybe I'll try a different spec then. Healing HOV 17+ is just difficult for me and I know I am haste/vers geared. Fenrir is like the ONLY fight I struggle with.

  20. I use three to four different manufacturers lol. I do have one that does 30 and I ordered my ornaments through them but that cost me $36 each and took like 8 months. It was ridiculous.

  21. Like who, I'm trying to get some made. Ive researched but looking for recommendations

  22. I don't have any recommendations. Both my factories got covid so I'm still waiting on pins I put in production in August/September 2022. Good luck though.

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