1. They’re rare, but OCD specialists are worth going to. GPS and even general psychologists are extremely unhelpful most of the time.

  2. Oh my god I had the exact same experience a few nights ago ALSO AT THE MAKE THEM SUFFER TOUR. Group of girls were hurling insults at my partner and I because we wouldn’t move when they got there like 2 and a half hours in and tried to push to the front. I was shaken up the rest of the night.

  3. Literally was at a Make Them Suffer concert the other night and mentioned to my partner about how Amity was ‘wetcore’ and ppl around us laughed, that’s how well known their cliches are :”) Fr, I went through a pretty big TAA phase in year 12 and I appreciate what they do (and they’re not bad musicians by any means), however there’s so many metal bands out there whose lyrics are far more original and creative.

  4. I wager they spend most of their time in COD lobbies or calling people slurs on Overwatch

  5. Just completed an undergrad degree for psychology. Have the most amazing partner and fam. I enjoy my job and it’s because of that job that my compulsions have reduced significantly

  6. “I’m trying to navigate where I’m going :(“ Bro it’s a tunnel, you’re going straight

  7. I don’t know who John Howard is but I’d guess a reasonable guess would be that the son has a different audience than the father and can recondite with them in a way the father can’t.

  8. Attila. Very very first album, not on Spotify but was released on MySpace I think

  9. Taylor Swift’s album ‘Folklore’ has been getting me lately. She really did so well on that one imo

  10. Life in Exile by Shields has a beautiful cover imo. I love the colour grading, and the vibe really fits the atmosphere of the record.

  11. At first I thought it was Paranoid Personality Disorder. But I didn’t really line up with the symptoms. After I started looking up reassurance things on the internet as compulsions (a classic OCD symptom that I didn’t know at the time), a lot of the people who had the EXACT same symptoms as me were diagnosed OCD. I then went and got a proper diagnosis

  12. Lily and the Moon will always be my favourite of theirs. Hits close to home

  13. Bruh you are sexy as fuck wtf. Jealousy doesn’t look good on them 💅🏼

  14. Healthy relationships (significant other, family, friends) are always a helpful safety net. Find people who support you and love you. I also invest a lot of energy into my job, as I needed a purpose that didn’t just exclusively include me telling myself I’m a horrible person.

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