1. Ya’ll can downvote but thinking of Gerri interacting with Roman as a child is just weird now.

  2. More the overall dynamic of the boss’ children always being around

  3. Yeah. I was nervous to transfer schools (I had my reasons) because where I ended up has a notorious reputation for being a “hell hole of a school.” There are definitely reasons for that reputation. I thought I’d do one year hear and then try and transfer to a different school. …I love it here and see myself staying for years. Why? The kids are behaviorally nuts but the staff is amazing and supportive of one another, and the AP that oversees my department (SPED) worked many years as a special ed teacher herself and gets it.

  4. It is maddening to me how many of students act so offended when I tell them “you just worry about yourself.” Somethings aren’t your business— no, you don’t need know what your classmate did to get in school suspension. No, you don’t need to know what I said to your classmate when I pulled him outside to talk. No, I am not under any obligation to tell you what grade your classmate got on a test. The entitlement to private information about their peers is crazy.

  5. The “I don’t love you” dirty talk scene except it’s “I don’t love you but I DO respect you too much to drag you through a legal battle<3”

  6. Enraged by her son’s role in opening the ATN bigot spigot, Tom’s mother agrees to represent Shiv in the divorce

  7. The fact that Shiv is probably unhinged enough at the moment to actually consider it for a couple of seconds if Tom’s mother offered makes this even funnier to me. Well done.

  8. He’s probably not any better of a person than his wife. I hope both of them eventually leave fundie land and become happier and kinder periods, but he doesn’t deserve it anymore than Bethany does. She may be a piece of work (major understatement) but at the end of the day, she “submits” to him

  9. “Tingle in the chest” is so real. I’ve never known how to describe that feeling

  10. I caught a kid vaping IN class too… I’m the para so I just subtly tipped off the teacher and let him handle it. I don’t know what disciplinary action did or didn’t happen, but at least they didn’t come back to class for the rest of the period.

  11. Lol as part of my teacher certification program I have to student teach summer school. I’m “lucky” I’m getting a stipend for student teaching… that amounts to less than if I were doing my current job as a para for summer school. I know this is still far superior to being unpaid for student teaching, but c’mon.

  12. If you're going to teach you have to student teach and you're going to get paid so why would you ever dare complain when so many NEVER get paid to do it???????????? The audacity. I would have willingly taught 4 weeks of Summer school paid for student teaching and got paid then gone 12 weeks unpaid at my job to student teach....when I was already in the building being paid......

  13. I was poking fun at the pay discrepancy, not seriously upset that I have to student teach and I am not about to cause an uproar about the pay. know I am lucky to be paid at all for that— I mentioned that. And this is not the only student teaching I have to do. Total I have to do is 16 weeks and all the time during the school year is unpaid. I assure you, I understand the struggle and am not taking any shortcuts. I think you read more into my comment then was there, or maybe I didn’t phrase it well.

  14. It won’t happen but it would be hilarious if the straw that breaks the camel’s back (regarding taking down Logan) is from Connor

  15. One of her kids snuck out and went to public school for one (1) day, became transgender from the liberal propaganda, and then she had a priest perform an exorcism even though she’s not Catholic.

  16. Imagine using a cliffhanger for you or your child’s severe illness

  17. YES. I’m a teacher and I told a student he was very sweet and then immediately cringed

  18. I’m a teacher and this goes through my head every staff meeting

  19. One of my students wandered off campus and was found in the middle of the road. I teach students with severe autism and this particular student was completely nonverbal.

  20. Are you me?? Went through this, nearly identical situation except we think he was just trying to find his way home instead of looking for mom’s parking space. Nonverbal kid as well. He has a device he uses to communicate with, but didn’t take it with him so trying to negotiate him into going inside with us was hard. Me and the other aide were crying and not ourselves for weeks. Oddly enough… the classroom teacher was acting like it was no big deal.

  21. If you also subscribe to Kieran Culkin’s theory that Roman has an eating disorder due to how he just grades and nibbles on his food, there’s an extra layer to that, too. Roman is potentially at war with his body, both in the “I can’t make my penis work” and the “I will not give my body what it needs” way.

  22. What makes it more bizarre to me is that gun violence in schools is a hot topic issue getting a lot of attention at the moment… they’re trying to avoid getting sued by that student’s parents but when word spreads to other parents that this kid is being let back in… uh, I expect some other legal action

  23. lol because motherhood is inherently a leadership role too

  24. Stay in your seats during the lesson (with reasonable exceptions like getting a tissue or picking up something that you dropped). I give two breaks a class period where students are ENCOURAGED to move around.

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